Repair: Error Code 0x80090318 When Accessing the iTunes Store Website

Sometimes when you manage your iOS device with iTunes, you get an iTunes error 0x80090318. You may be wondering, what is this error 0x80090318? Why does it happen? How to fix it? Don’t think of it as a complicated problem. After reading this article, you will learn what error 0x80090318 is, why it occurs and how to fix it.

Why iTunes error 0x80090318 is displayed

If iTunes Error 0x80090318 appears on your computer, it means that you have configured your computer’s operating system incorrectly. There are different reasons and causes that can cause 0x80090318 error. In general, some of them are listed here.

  • Network connection error.
  • Damaged download or incomplete installation of iTunes software.
  • A virus or malware infection on the computer where iTunes is installed.
  • Important system files or files related to iTunes have been accidentally deleted.
  • Another program may have accidentally overwritten or deleted iTunes files.

If you are experiencing the above symptoms, your best bet is to try to fix them so they don’t interfere with your work and studies. If you don’t know how to fix iTunes error 0x80090318, the following solutions may help.

Reboot your computer.

The first thing to do if you’re having problems with iTunes (as well as other programs) on your computer is to restart it.

Your operating system may not boot correctly the first time, or you may have a temporary error while it’s running.

Follow the instructions below to restart your computer.

  • On your computer, press the Windows key to open the Start menu.
  • Then press the power button, then press “Shutdown” to shut down your computer.
  • Now, after shutting down your computer, unplug the computer’s power cord and press the power button for a few seconds to make sure that the current on the motherboard’s capacitors is completely discharged.
  • Finally, plug the power cord into the computer and turn it on as usual.
  • Now go back to the iTunes app and try to access the iTunes Store to see if error code 0x80090318 continues to appear on your computer.

However, if you’re still having problems after restarting your computer, you can try the following method to fix your iTunes problem.

Perform a network reset

Doing a network reset will solve the problem if the network is the cause. To perform a network reset,

  • Open CMD as administrator by right-clicking the “Start” button and selecting the command line (“Administrator”).
  • Now type “Netsh Winsock reset” and press Enter.
  • Reboot your computer (don’t manually turn it off and on, do a full reboot).

Finally, check if you can access the iTunes Store without seeing iTunes error code 0x80090318.

Disable antivirus and firewall

As you know, the firewall protects us from unwanted network attacks. In our case, improperly configured antivirus software or firewall can block the connection.

There is a lot of software available, and how you do it depends on the software. But you can explain mostly the Windows security software you use.

Note. This is a temporary action, and we will activate the protection as soon as we fix the problem.

To temporarily disable the Windows Firewall:

  • Click Start, type Defender, and click Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Now click Enable or Disable the Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Then click Disable for all options and click OK.

iTunes may have been overwritten or deleted

It’s also possible that you’ve encountered an error because your iTunes was accidentally deleted or overwritten by another program. In this case, reinstall the iTunes programs.

Another way to deal with iTunes error 0x80090318 is to temporarily disable all software firewalls and antivirus on your PC.

If you have exhausted all of the above options but are still encountering the error, it means that there is a major problem on your computer. In such cases, you may need to contact a service center for your laptop.