Windows users often encounter error code 23011 when trying to play videos from the built-in JW player in their browser. The error code means “Request ad without cross-domain credentials matching” and is usually caused by a technical problem.

Try playing the video in a different browser

If your videos can’t play in your current browser, consider playing the same video in another browser. Your browser may not play the video effectively due to compatibility issues. If you switch to a different browser, you may be able to play the video. While this may not be your favorite option, it is definitely a solution.

If you are able to stream the video in a different browser, you may have problems with your primary or preferred browser. However, there is a way to fix this problem with your browser and play the video.

Fix the error of not being able to play the video by deleting cookies and cache

Clearing the cache and cookies will remove any corrupted files blocked during video playback. However, in most cases, deleting these corrupted files will eliminate the video playback error.

Remember that when you clear the cache or cookies, all data, such as login information, will also be deleted; H. Your saved passwords and username. So be sure to write down any important credentials before deleting data.

Disable Private Badger or other extensions / add-ons

According to some Firefox and Google Chrome users, this problem may also be caused by an extension (in Chrome) or add-on (in Firefox). In fact, Privacy Badger and other known extensions / add-ons interfere with JWPlayer and do not allow to show the video.

Typically, VPN / proxy components and even some security extensions like Malwarebytes cause this problem. Of course, there may be others that we have not addressed. So you have to do your own research and experimentation.

Once you find your potential culprit, follow one of the additional instructions below (A for Chrome and B for Firefox) to remove the problematic extension.

Disable Proxy Server

DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN - Disable proxy - Step 3