Nowadays, almost everyone can have access to the Internet. All you need is a device with Internet access (such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet), an existing Internet connection, and a Web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.). Basically, you can search for anything, and no matter what you type into the search bar, you can be absolutely sure that you will find the answer on the World Wide Web. However, this technology is incredibly complex under the surface, which means that a large number of different errors can occur while loading the requested web page. One of them is the “err_connection_reset” error.

The “err_connection_reset” error is also known as “error 101”. If you get this message, it is important to know that you are not alone in solving this problem, as it is one of the most common errors that Google Chrome users get.

What does the “err_connection_reset” error mean?

What does the err_connection_reset error mean

If you get this error message, something happened to break the connection to the page you were trying to visit. Because it was not possible to establish a stable network connection to the destination page, the browser could not open the web page or download the photos or videos you requested. Because of this problem, your connection was dropped.

Error 101 can be caused by dozens of things that, for whatever reason, aren’t working properly. Of course, you don’t have to know exactly what is causing the problem. So, if you don’t know what’s going on with your browser and why you can’t open this site, come with us and learn how to fix the “err_connection_reset” error in Chrome.


Common Causes of the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error

The most common causes of errors are system registry, tcpip, network settings, but there are many more. You can find them here:

The err_connection_reset error is not only for Windows users but also for PS4 or Nintendo Wii, Android, Mac users.

Whichever operating system or device you use, here are specific solutions for Windows, Mac, and the most popular operating system Android.

So don’t forget to apply solutions based on your operating system and fix err_connection_reset on Android, Mac, and Windows.


How do I fix the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” error?

Error 101 in Chrome, Firefox, etc. can occur when the browser reaches the contacting web server, but the configuration of the subsequent connection fails. As with many other problems on the web, there are several possible sources of the error, so there is no general solution to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error. When the error message appears, there are several solutions that you can try if just refreshing the page or pressing [F5] does not work.

Solution 1: Check the web site and browser/system

It is recommended that you check the functionality of the site you are trying to access before trying anything with your browser and system settings to fix the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” problem. Try accessing another site first. If this does not result in error 101, it is a clear indication that the problem is only with this site. However, to make sure that the browser and system are not solely responsible for the connection problems, you should also try using a different browser. For example, if you open a Web application using Firefox instead of Chrome, you can rule out a server-side problem.

Once you have run these various tests and come to the conclusion that the fault probably lies with the site operator, you should contact them. This may alert them to the problem or provide them with information on what has already been done to fix it.

Solution 2: Check the proxy server settings

One of the most common causes of the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” error is that a proxy server has been defined in your Internet settings and is blocking the connection. It can be entered automatically by plug-ins or add-ons that you have added to your browser. A simple solution, in this case, is to check the proxy settings and disable access to it if necessary. To do this, first, open the Control Panel and select “Internet Options“.

If you can’t find Internet Options in the Control Panel, it could be because Category View is enabled. In this case, simply switch to the icon view (small/large).

Go to the “Connections” tab and click on “LAN Settings“.

In the “Connections” tab, you can configure VPN and dial-up connections in your Windows Internet settings.

You are now taken to a menu where you can find your system’s current proxy settings. If you see an entry here under the “Proxy Server” category, you should disable it by unchecking the “Use a proxy server for your local network” option.

If the checkbox to activate or deactivate the proxy server cannot be checked, you should perform a malware scan or contact your system administrator.

Save your changes by clicking “OK” and then try accessing the desired website again.

Important: Some browsers, such as Firefox and some extensions for Chrome, etc., use their own proxy settings that become active regardless of the proxy settings in the system settings. In this case, to fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET you need to disable the use of proxies directly in the browser or remove the corresponding extensions.

Solution 3: Delete browser cache

The browser cache not only stores passwords, cookies, and download history, but also data about previously visited sites. If you have already visited a site, the cache may contain information that does not match the current version of the site, blocking the connection and causing the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET message to appear. Since you can clear the browser cache in a few steps, you can easily check to see if this is causing the problem. To do this, go to the Chrome preferences menu (the three-line icon), select “More Tools” and then “Clear Browser Data.”

Delete browser cache

You can also access the Chrome preferences menu by typing “chrome://preferences/” in the address bar of your Google browser.

Chrome will automatically display various categories of cached information. To fix the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” error, check all available categories. Also, make sure that “All times” is selected next to “Time Frame”. This is the only way to clear the entire cache when you click “Clear Data” at the end.

Delete browser cache1

Storing images and files in the browser cache speeds up the loading of the most visited web pages. When you clear the cache, it takes longer than usual for pages to load.

Solution 4: Remove Winsock directory entries

Windows users can fix the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” problem by removing directory entries in Winsock. The interface and the system application ensure that Windows operating system programs can establish TCP/IP connections. Winsock also creates entries for connections after they have been established in the program’s internal directory, which can prevent access to the desired site. However, this archive can easily be removed using the command line if you have administrator rights. To do this, open the Start menu using the Windows icon, select “All Programs” and then “Accessories“. Right-click on “Command Prompt” and then use the “Run as administrator” function.

Remove Winsock directory entries

It is not possible to reload the Winsock directory without administrator rights.

If you run the command prompt as administrator, you can enter the following command to reset the Winsock directory :

netsh winsock reset

If successful, you will receive a notification that Winsock has been reset. For this to take effect, all you have to do is reboot your system.

Solution 5: Restart your router

Connection errors, such as Error 101, can often be fixed by restarting the network device that connects you to the Internet. Most routers have a power button that you simply press. If it’s not there, you can always temporarily unplug the device by unplugging the power cord. Wait at least half a minute to remove any remaining charges and erase the router’s memory. Then reconnect the power cord to the network device and try loading the desired website again.

Solution 6: Contact your Internet Service Provider

Not only does your own firewall protect your computer from the imminent dangers of the Internet, but your ISP uses its own firewall system to automatically block the IP addresses chosen for its customers. If you are not satisfied with these solutions, contact your provider. That way, you can find out if they have blocked the website you are trying to access. If so, you can ask them to give you access, but they are not obliged to comply with your request.

Solution 7: Temporarily disable the firewall and antivirus programs

Real-time checks and filtering rules will ensure that your system is always protected from unauthorized access and malware. However, you can also block web applications or their IP addresses that pose no real threat to your computer because they might cause an “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” error. If you are confident that the site you are visiting is trustworthy, consider temporarily disabling your security software. If the site is still accessible, find out the reason for the connection reset. Possible solutions include reinstalling the appropriate software or using a different firewall or antivirus application. Otherwise, with the necessary know-how, you can check if the IP address is on the blacklist of the responsible program and remove the corresponding entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Check your Internet connection.
  2. Check your VPN connection.
  3. Check your firewall settings.
  4. Turn off antivirus or real-time protection.
  5. Check your local network settings.
  6. Reset your TCP/IP settings.
  7. Clear your browsing history.
  8. Increase the maximum transmission unit (MTU).

The website may be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few minutes. If you cannot load pages, check your computer's network connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy server, make sure Firefox has access to the Internet."

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