The Nintendo Switch is a game console from Nintendo. It is a hybrid device that can be used both as a handheld device and as a home console. Most users use this device to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Despite its elegant interface, it is not completely safe. Many users may encounter some technical difficulties when using this device. Some users have been known to encounter the 2110-2003 error code.

Fortunately, there are simple ways by which users can easily get out of this situation. Therefore, review the section below and get all the necessary information related to the Nintendo Switch error.

What is the cause of Nintendo Switch error code 2110-2003?

Outdated software: some players have confirmed that they were able to fix the 2110-2003 error code after updating the console. This can happen if your Switch is offline most of the time or if you only play offline games.

Weak WiFi signal: If your Nintendo Switch is not getting a strong WiFi signal, either due to the remoteness of your Wi-Fi router or interference, this may be the cause of this Nintendo Switch error.

Unresponsive wireless modem or router: The condition of your network equipment may be another cause of error code 2110-2003. Modems or routers can stop working, unresponsive, or freeze if left on for an extended period of time. Get in the habit of rebooting your network equipment at least every other day.

Occasional errors: Sometimes network errors occur after a while. This does not necessarily mean that there is a serious problem with your network. In most cases, errors affecting your Nintendo Switch connection are due to small, temporary problems with the software or the network itself. Fortunately, these minor errors can easily be fixed by completely rebooting your network hardware or Nintendo Switch system.

Incorrect network settings: The network your Nintendo Switch is connected to may be causing error code 2110-2003. For example, if your Switch can’t get a valid internal IP address due to DHCP issues on your wireless router, you may see error code 2110-2003. For some users, error code 2110-2003 may also occur due to incorrect DNS settings. If you recently made a new Internet connection on your Nintendo Switch, you should check to see if your DNS settings are working.

How to troubleshoot your Nintendo Switch error code 2110-2003?

Switch to Google DNS

You should seriously consider that there is a DNS (domain name address) mismatch. Many user reports confirm that switching to the DNS range provided by Google is the only thing that allowed them to fix the 2110-2003 error code.

If you think it is indeed a network mismatch, follow the instructions below to switch to the DNS addresses provided by Google:

  1. From the Nintendo Switch home screen, select System Preferences (the gear icon).
  2. While in the System Preferences menu, select the Internet tab on the left menu, then switch to the right menu and select Internet Preferences.
  3. The console will then create a list of all available Wi-Fi connections. When the list is complete, select your Wi-Fi connection (under Registered networks).
  4. After selecting the correct network settings, select Change Settings, then scroll down to the DNS Settings menu. Then set the menu to Manual so you can change the DNS.
  5. Now under Primary DNS, press and hold B to delete the current value, then add and press A to save the configuration.
  6. Under Secondary DNS, press and hold B to delete the existing secondary DNS. Then delete the existing value as before and add and press A to save the changes.
  7. Try connecting again and see if the connection is successful this time.

Changing Network Security

  1. On the Nintendo Switch main dashboard, select System Settings from the vertical menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. While in the System Preferences menu, select the Internet tab, and then go to the Internet Preferences menu.
  3. Your console will then start searching for available networks. When you see a list of possible connections, select your home network from the list.
  4. In the menu corresponding to your home network, go to the Edit Settings menu.
  5. In the Properties menu of your home Wi-Fi connection, click the Security tab.
  6. From the Security menu, select either WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or WPA (Wireless Protected Access), provided you don’t leave it set to None – this is the main reason you can expect a 2110-2003 error code.
  7. If you have already selected WEP, select another type of equivalent wireless privacy.
  8. Finally, save your changes and try connecting to the network again to see if you can now complete the process.

Turn off the console

According to several concerned users, this particular error code can also occur due to a problem caused by a temporary file that your console saves. In this case, you may be able to resolve the problem by performing a soft reset.

This process will successfully erase all temporary data and power capacitors, and ensure that no temporary data can persist between runs and cause error code 2110-2003.

Here’s a quick guide to reset your Nintendo Switch:

  1. On the console, press and hold the circular Power button (located on the top of the Switch console).
  2. Hold down the button until you see the system turn off (this will happen after 10-15 seconds).
  3. After turning the console off, wait a full minute to make sure the power capacitors are drained, then press the power button again (in normal mode) to reboot the console.
  4. If you have done everything correctly, you should see a long animation of the Switch logo on the screen. When you see this message, take it as confirmation that the process has been completed successfully.
  5. The next time you boot the console, try connecting to your home network again to make sure the process was successful this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Reboot your Nintendo Switch system.
  2. Create a new Internet connection.
  3. Turn off your home network.
  4. Make sure you entered the correct Wi-Fi password in the Nintendo Switch system connection settings.
  5. Move your Nintendo Switch system closer to the Wi-Fi router.

Your Wi-Fi network is not working. Your Switch is out of range of your router. Your network security key is not compatible. A firewall is preventing the switch from accessing your network.

The switch doesn't have a particularly powerful Wi-Fi chip, so you may have connection problems when you're away from the router. Keep an eye on the Wi-Fi indicator light in the upper-right corner of the Switch's home screen to see how reliable your connection is. If possible, move closer to the router to get a more stable connection.

The 2110-2003 error can occur when you try to connect the switch to your wireless network. This can happen if your Internet settings weren't set up correctly or the Nintendo Switch couldn't find a wireless router. Sometimes a simple thing like moving the Switch closer to the router can work.