Troubleshooting: PS4 Error Code NW-31473-8

PS4 error code NW-31473-8 often appears with a message of connection expiration, possibly due to a Playstation network failure or a weak or unstable network connection.

This is a rather obscure error message that appears infrequently but often refers to a weak connection between the console and PS4 or a conflicting NAT type. There are standard solutions for both of these problems, which we’ve covered in detail in other sections of this blog. Sometimes this error occurs simply because the Playstation network isn’t working.

What causes PS4 error code NW-31473-8?

TCP/IP mismatch: The most common problem causing this particular error code is a TCP/IP mismatch. Many users who have encountered such a problem have reported that they have been able to resolve it by resetting their network devices or rebooting.

Problem with the PSN server: It turns out that this problem often occurs when there are problems with the main PSN connection server. When this scenario applies, there is no solution. The only option is to wait for Sony to fix the widespread server problems.

Automatic network misconfiguration: According to some concerned users, this problem can occur when you try to connect to your home network using the automatic approach. In this case, your console may select the wrong DNS range or select a custom DHCP host, making the connection unstable. To avoid this problem, you should choose the manual approach.

How to repair PS4 error code NW-31473-8?

Configure the connection manually

  1. Go to the main panel of your PS4 and click on the Settings icon.
  2. Select the Network Settings menu.
  3. Click on the Configure Internet connection option here.
  4. Then select Use Wi-Fi or Use LAN cable, whichever you’re using.
  5. Select Custom and click Automatic on the IP Address Settings prompt.
  6. In the DNS Settings prompt, set Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to
  7. In the MTU Settings menu, select Do Not Use.
  8. Then under Proxy Server, also select Do Not Use.

Check the status of your PSN server

It may be that error code NW-31473-8 appears due to a problem with the main PSN connection server, which Sony officially confirms on its support page.

To check if this is the case or not, the first thing we recommend you to do is to check the PSN service status page. On this page, you should see if there are any problems with account management, games and social networks, or the PlayStation Store.

If a server problem does exist, there is nothing you can do to fix it. All you can do is wait for Sony to fix the problem.

Reset your router settings

Another common cause of the above error after blocking the PSN server is a TCP or IP mismatch. This type of problem is usually caused by data corruption.

If the cause is a TCP or IP mismatch, restarting the router can correct the error, as this will update all-important TCP and IP information.

  1. To restart the router, simply locate and press the power button, which is usually located on the back of the router.
  2. Then press the power button to turn the power off and unplug the power cord.
  3. Wait a full minute before turning the router back on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. PlayStation Network may be offline.
  2. Your router may be down or have serious connectivity issues.
  3. There may be a password problem, either with your Wi-Fi or with your console.
  4. You may need to change the DNS settings on your PlayStation.

  1. Update your PS4 system software.
  2. Update the system software manually.
  3. Enable automatic download and installation of the PS4 system software.

  1. Check the status of your PlayStation Network.
  2. Restart the modem and router.
  3. Reboot your PlayStation 4.
  4. Confirm that the Wi-Fi password is correct.
  5. Move the PS4 closer to the Wi-Fi router.
  6. Change the channel number of the Wi-Fi network.
  7. Change the DNS settings on the PS4.

  1. Turn on your PS4 and go to Settings.
  2. Go to Network and select Internet Connection Setup.
  3. Select an Internet connection type between Wi-Fi and LAN.
  4. Connect a router or Ethernet cable.
  5. Click on Custom Setup.
  6. Set the IP address settings to Automatic.