How to Repair Save Data Error in Mass Effect Andromeda

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It is the fourth major installment in the Mass Effect series, released in March 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is set in the Andromeda galaxy in the 29th century, where humanity plans to colonize new worlds as part of a strategy game called The Andromeda Initiative.

The player takes on the role of Scott or Sarah Ryder, an inexperienced military recruit who joins the Initiative and wakes up on Andromeda after a 634-year journey on a sleeper ship. Events unfold as Ryder becomes a human scout tasked with finding a new world for humanity while dealing with an antagonistic alien species called Kett and uncovering the secrets of a mysterious species of synthetic intelligence known as Remnant.

But lately, there have been complaints about bugs and technical errors when launching the game. One of them is the error of saving data. This is quite common among players and happens more or less every time they play the game. If you are one of those users who encountered the same problem, look no further, because you are on the right page. Let’s start with our guide on Mass Effect: Andromeda data save error.

What causes ‘Save Data Error’ in Mass Effect Andromeda?

One of the most annoying problems gamers face on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is the data save error. This error prevents players from continuing their saved progress in the game. There are actually several reasons for this error message, which we have listed below.

  • This problem can be related to a temporary file and can be solved by cold starting (powering up).
  • This may be due to an out-of-date or corrupted backup set. You can try deleting it to solve the problem.
  • If the error on your PlayStation 4 indicates that some of the game content is no longer installed, you can try restoring the game licenses.

How to resolve the “Save Data Error” on Mass Effect Andromeda?

Updated: June 2024

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Restart Xbox One

  1. On the front of your Xbox One console, press and hold the power button until the console turns off completely.
  2. If the console shows no signs of life, disconnect the power cord from the computer and wait at least 10 seconds to discharge the power capacitors.
  3. Reconnect the power cord and turn the console back on.
  4. When you see a long startup animation, this confirms that the operation was successful and the Temp folder has been cleared.
  5. Restart Mass Effect Andromeda and check if the problem is fixed.

Reboot your PS4

  1. Press and hold the PS button on the controller until the available power options are displayed.
  2. From the list of available options, select Shut down PS4.
  3. Wait for the PS4 controller to turn off completely, then unplug the power cord and wait at least 10 seconds to make sure the power capacitors are fully discharged.
  4. Plug the power cord back into the power outlet and press the PS button again to start the unit.
  5. After the boot sequence is complete, restart Mass Effect Andromeda and check to see if the memory data error has been corrected.

Perform a factory reset on your Ps4

  1. From the PS4 main menu, use the left stick to open the top menu, then select Settings from the vertical menu.
  2. While in the settings menu, scroll down to the reset menu and open it by pressing the X button.
  3. Then select the “Initialize PS4” option and press the X again to start the process.
  4. On the next screen, select Full and press the X button again.
  5. When prompted for confirmation, do so and wait for the process to complete.
  6. You will then see a progress bar – please be patient.
  7. Once the process is complete, restart the console, reinstall it, and re-download any saved games from the Sony Cloud after the next download process is complete.

Performing a factory reset on your Xbox One

  1. On the Xbox One console’s main dashboard, press the Xbox button once to open the Guidance menu.
  2. While in the Guidance menu, navigate to System -> Settings -> Console Info.
  3. Once you are in the Console Info menu, use the Reset Console option on the left side of the screen.
  4. From the Reset Console menu, select the Reset All and Delete button and press the A button.
  5. If you are then prompted to confirm, do so and wait for the process to complete.
  6. After the process is complete, wait for the console to reboot automatically.
  7. After the next download process is complete, reinstall Mass Effect Andromeda, load the locally saved games and check if the data saving error has been corrected.

Deleting the saved game data  on your Xbox One

  1. On the Xbox One main dashboard, press the Xbox button on the controller to bring up the Guide menu.
  2. Once in the Guide menu, navigate to My Games and Applications.
  3. Then in the next menu, navigate to the View All menu.
  4. In the next menu, go to the right menu and select Mass Effect Andromeda, then press A on the controller to bring up the pop-up menu.
  5. Then in the pop-up menu that appears, select Manage games and add-ons.
  6. In the next menu, use the menu on the left to select Saved Data, then go to the menu on the right and select the user profile associated with your problem.
  7. Then select all irrelevant saved game data that you want to delete.
  8. In the next confirmation menu, select the item “Delete all”.

Delete game data saved on your Ps4

  1. From the main dashboard menu, swipe the left stick up and navigate to Settings on the top vertical menu.
  2. Once in the Settings menu, scroll down through the list of items and navigate to Manage Saved App Data.
  3. In the next menu, select Saved data in the system memory and go to Delete (the last option).
  4. In the Delete saved data (system memory) menu, you will see a list of all saved game data.
  5. Scroll through this list and find the entry associated with Mass Effect Andromeda.
  6. Then select the entry associated with Mass Effect Andromeda and press the Option key, then select each irrelevant saved game and press the Delete key.
  7. After deleting all the irrelevant saves, restart your PS4 and see if the save error clears the next time you start the system.

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