Vudu is a popular streaming service that provides users with movies and TV shows on demand. However, several users have reported that Vudu failed to connect with an error code 28 when trying to use the app.

This error can occur if your system’s firewall is blocking the connection or if there is an error in the application.

If you also encounter this error, here are some troubleshooting tips. Vudu could not connect error code 28 in Windows and watch your favorite show again in time.

Roku Vudu error code 28 occurs in Vudu service when the network connection is blocked. It can also be caused by misconfigured system files, which can lead to problems with the registry in your operating system. A registry error occurs when new applications are launched without properly removing old ones. This can lead to system crashes, poor performance, program failures and more on your PC. Errors can also be caused by unwanted software such as spyware, adware, viruses and malware.

Change your DNS settings

Changing the DNS server in Windows - Step 4

Many users have been able to fix the Vudu 28 error code by changing their DNS settings. You can perform the following steps to make changes to your DNS settings.

Turn off the firewall

Add Vudu to the exclusion list

Reset your modem

ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED - Restart your router - Step 1

Apparently, Vudu error code timeout 28 indicates that something is wrong between VUDU and your Internet connection. So reset your modem and WiFi router first to fix any problem that may be related to the IP address.

To reset your modem, follow these steps:

Now try streaming on Vudu and see if the error code 28 on your device has disappeared. If you are using another antivirus, disable it and see if the error code 28 on Vudu has been eliminated. You can also add Vudu to the exclusion list through your antivirus settings to fix Vudu not connecting to the network error on your device.