How to Fix Google Chrome Web Store NETWORK_FAILED

The Network_Failed error in the Chrome Web Store usually appears when users try to download or install an app or extension from the Chrome Web Store. Some affected users report that every download from the online store ends with an error, while others experience this problem only with certain extensions.

In some cases, the problem may occur when using a heavily updated version of Chrome. In the first few months after the launch of Windows 10, there was a problem that lasted for several months. However, a virus infection (most likely adware or browser hijackers) can also cause this problem. If so, running a cleaning tool or a special scanner such as Malwarebytes may solve the problem.

However, if you can’t use the online store to download extensions, you can also force manual downloads or try resetting all Chrome settings to clean up potentially corrupted data.

Run Google Chrome’s built-in cleanup tool

One of the reasons for the problem discussed is that the system is infected with browser hijackers and malware. Not many users are aware that Google Chrome has a built-in tool that you can use to clean up this malware. The procedure for using Google Chrome’s built-in cleanup tool is as follows:

  • Click the Action button, which consists of three vertical dots in the top right corner of the Firefox window.
  • Select from the Settings menu.
  • In the Settings window, scroll down and click “Advanced.”
  • The last option is to clear your computer. Click here.
  • Click Search to begin analysis.

This tool can remove malware from your system, especially those that affect your browser.

Change the download folder

If the download location is full or unavailable, the app or extension cannot be downloaded from the Google Chrome store. If you encounter a NETWORK FAILED error, you’ll need to change the download location as follows:

  • Open the settings window as described in Solution 2, and click “Advanced” at the bottom.
  • Scroll down to the “Downloads” section and click “Change”.
  • In the Location window, select a new location.
  • Prefer a location that you prefer to keep longer.

Update Chrome to the latest version

It turns out that you may be experiencing a Network_Failed error in the Chrome Web Store because of an issue that has since been fixed. Of course, it may not be possible to update your browser version if you intentionally save your version for some reason.

However, if your browser is not updating and you have no reason to do so, you can solve the problem by following the instructions on how to update Chrome to the latest version:

  • Open Google Chrome and click the action button icon (three dots) in the upper right corner. When you find the right place, go to “Help”> “About Google Chrome”.
  • Once you get to the next window, Chrome will automatically check to see if a newer version is available.
  • If a newer version of your version of Chrome is available, you’ll automatically be prompted to install it. Do that and restart your browser to see if the problem is resolved.

Reset Google Chrome

If none of the above solutions worked, try resetting your Chrome browser completely. Be sure to back up your favorites and browser settings first, and then reset your browser settings.

Here. We hope you were able to get rid of the NETWORK_FAILED error using one of the solutions above. Which was most effective? Share in the comments below.