In fact, you often encounter error 182 – the AMD installer cannot correctly identify AMD graphics hardware. Click here to learn more. Sometimes there are no effective solutions for you, even if you clicked to find out more.

You must be wondering why you are getting this AMD installer 182 error. And although AMD Radeon software has many drivers for different AMD hardware, your AMD autodetect certainly can’t find a graphics driver for Windows 10.

Possible reason

The AMD Radeon software package contains generic drivers that support a wide range of AMD graphics products. One possible reason why the AMD installer can’t identify your graphics hardware and can’t proceed with the installation is that it belongs to one of these unsupported product groups.

Uninstall AMD graphics driver

An outdated, corrupt or faulty AMD Radeon driver may prevent the AMD installer from detecting AMD hardware. Therefore, you should uninstall the AMD problematic driver and install a new Windows 10 driver based on it to resolve this AMD driver issue.

  1. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Expand “Video Cards” and right-click AMD Driver to remove the device.

Your AMD driver here might be the AMD Radeon HD driver.

  1. Go to Control Panel> Programs and Components> Uninstall.

In the Programs and Components Control Panel window, find “AMD Catalyst Control Panel” and right-click to uninstall it.

  1. Reboot Windows 10.

After uninstalling the faulty AMD graphics driver, you can download or update a more compatible driver for your AMD graphics card and AMD Radeon software.

Update the driver through the Windows Update Center

ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED - Update your drivers

It is important to remember that with AMD, some APUs (Advanced Processing Units) are simply not designed to be updated using traditional methods (such as using Adrenalin or Driver Selector). On some models, graphics driver support is more or less exclusively through the Windows Update Center. If you have such a GPU model, you will need to update it through the Windows Update Center, as AMD software cannot update it.

Here’s a list of APUs that can only be updated using the Microsoft Windows Update component.

[APUs stands for Advanced Processing Units. They contain a graphics processor with a primary logic processor]

If your AMD device is one of the above listed devices, you can follow the instructions below to update your AMD graphics driver through the Windows Update Center: