The user may encounter file system error 805305975 mainly when opening a file regardless of the file format. This error is mainly due to software problems in the operating system and not due to a hardware failure of the hard drive where the file is stored. Usually the current file system error occurs when viewing images. In some rare cases, the error may occur with other file types such as videos and music files.

Follow the solutions below to fix Windows 10 file system error.

Scan the drive to fix the errors

First, you should try scanning the disk to fix the file system error (-805305975 jpg) automatically.

Update Windows to the latest version

Windows Update

The problem with the update may be because Microsoft recently released the latest update that caused this error on most users’ computers. To fix this problem, we need to run Windows Update Center again and install the latest updates so that the problem can be fixed automatically.

Reset the Photos app

Every PC user uses different preferences, presets and settings for different applications. However, sometimes these preferences/settings do not match the overall functioning of the application and system when they conflict with each other. We have encountered cases where photos conflicted with some system modules, which in turn caused this error. You can solve the problem here by resetting the Photos app settings.