If you are running the Windows Store normally, it may close on its own and you may see an exception code 0xc000027b. This error can be caused by incorrect time and date settings, which may not lead to Internet access. Exception code 0xc000027b can also appear when the Windows Store requires a forced update. Or it is also indicated if there is something wrong with the MS Store configuration. Let’s fix the error with exception code 0xc000027b in Windows.

Set the correct time and date on your PC

If the PC time is not set correctly, you may see this 0xc000027b exception error code in the Microsoft App Store. To get rid of this nasty error message, you may need to adjust the time and date on our device to match your current location exactly. The following information provides information on how to properly set the Windows time and date:

Launch the Windows Store App Troubleshooter

Launch the troubleshooter:

Cleaning the Windows Store cache registry keys

You may encounter error 0xc000027b due to corrupt registry keys with temporary data. In this case, deleting the Windows Store cache in the traditional way will not fix the error.

To get rid of 0xc000027b error, you need to delete the problematic registry keys using registry editor.

Here’s how to do it:

If the error was caused by a corrupt registry section, deleting the cache using the above method will fix it. However, if you still get the 0xc000027b error message on your screen, follow the method below.

Update the Store application using the Powershell command

PowerShell, what is it

Like cached files, programs have temporary files that are responsible for moving and storing data. There are times when these files become active due to a corruption failure. This results in problems when running applications.

A simple but effective way to solve this problem is to use the Powershell command to update the Windows Store. This way, the corruption error will be fixed and you will be able to launch the Microsoft Store without any problems.

To update the Store application using the Powershell command, follow these steps:

Resetting the Windows Store

XBOX - Reset the Windows Store Cache of your PC - Step 1 to 3

It turns out that one of the most common culprits behind this error is some form of damage to the Windows Store component. This scenario is fairly typical in any situation where the Windows Defender or a certain third-party security scanner quarantines certain items that may be important to that Windows Store.

In this case, the Windows Store will be closed when the utility gains access to the quarantined document. Many users who have also encountered the dilemma have reported that they were finally able to fix the exact problem after resetting the Microsoft Store with other related dependencies.

This will conclude the process. From time to time, replace all the boxes with error-free copies that simply replace them. Keep in mind that in this case you will find only two options. The first options use the Windows Store Update utility, and the next option is more acceptable for non-technical users who want to do the whole process through the Windows 10 menu.