Microsoft OneDrive is one of Microsoft’s most popular cloud-based file sync and hosting services. Windows users can easily offload needed files to the cloud storage service and download them over the Internet if necessary. Some of the problems Windows and OneDrive users may encounter when trying to access uploaded files. Sometimes users also encounter errors when opening or syncing files, which is a bit tricky. One such problem is the OneDrive error code 0x80070185 on Windows 10. If you get the same thing, read this troubleshooting guide to solve the problem.

Well, this particular problem is common among Windows 10 users, and affected users are literally reporting it on the Microsoft forum. Whenever users try to access or download saved content from OneDrive, they see the message “Error 0x80070185: Cloud Operation Failed.” The error code can have different reasons, such as B. Large files, corrupted installation files or certificates, cache problems, Windows registry problems, Internet connection problems, virus or firewall problems, etc.

Make sure there is enough space in the partition where OneDrive is installed

If you get OneDrive error 0x80070185, the cloud operation failed when trying to access or download files to your computer. You probably don’t have enough free space on your hard drive. In this case, you need to make sure that you have enough space on the partition where OneDrive is enabled.

Proceed as follows:

Right-click on the C drive or partition where OneDrive resides. Select “Properties” and check the available space. If you don’t have enough space, you can move OneDrive to another partition.

Here’s how:

Reset OneDrive

The pre-installed version of OneDrive in Windows 10 sometimes corrupts or loses cache, which leads to a lot of performance issues. Certificate related errors can also occur. In this case, all you need to do is reset OneDrive to its default settings. Here’s how to do it:

Map the SharePoint document library as a network drive

As mentioned above, a good approach is to map the SharePoint document library as a network drive to solve the problem if the above solution fixes the error for the file you were trying to access, but the same error occurs when you try to access another file. . This creates a network hub that improves network reliability and availability and ultimately eliminates the error in question. This has proven to be a useful solution, as reported by many online users. To map a SharePoint document library as a network drive, follow these steps: