Do you keep getting the blue screen of death CMUSBDAC.sys in Windows 10? When this BSOD happens, the system reboots several times and you can’t do anything. Typically, this persistent error occurs when using a USB microphone, wireless phone charging cradle, while playing games, when loading updates, or when rebooting your computer.

CMUSBDAC.sys has a common destination for the termination code SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. You suddenly see a message saying that your system has detected a problem and needs to be restarted, including the percentage scan status on the blue screen. Although there are currently no official fixes for the CMUSBDAC.sys blue screen, you can fix them by following the workarounds below.

Check for viruses and remove malware

If you have a virus or malware on your computer, you may also encounter cmusbdac.sys blue screen error. To solve this problem, you can scan your computer for viruses or malware and remove them.

Here’s a tutorial.

Windows Defender will then start scanning your computer. If there are viruses or malware on your computer, Windows Defender will fix it.

After that, restart your computer and see if the cmusbdac.sys error has disappeared. If this solution doesn’t work, try other solutions.

Resolve the problem driver

Sometimes it’s not the USB C-Media audio device class driver that causes the problem, but other hardware support software. It may be difficult to identify the specific culprit. Once you know, you can use the method in the second solution to update or reinstall that driver through Device Manager.

You can review the minidump file created by the BSOD event to isolate the problematic drivers. Although this is not always the case, it’s best to check:

Although minidump files are not easy to decrypt, you can analyze them with a tool like Windows Debugger (WinDbg).

Reinstall the USB C-Media audio class driver

To fix the cmusbdac.sys blue screen error, you can also reinstall the C-Media USB Audio Class driver.

Here is a tutorial.

Restore your system to a restore point

If your system has been updated or if you have installed new programs on your computer, the new updates may not be compatible with your computer. A blue screen of CMUSBDAC.sys is displayed.

When you have new programs installed, simply uninstall them and see if they work.

After updating your system, try running a system restore to a restore point before you see the blue screen.

After restoring your system, restart your computer as usual and see if the blue screen error has disappeared.