Fixing Windows 10 Application Error 0xc00000FD

Some Windows 10 users report that they see error 0xc00000fd after a Windows update crash or after an unexpected game app crash. Most users see this error when upgrading from build level 1803 to a newer version. It turns out that the vast majority of cases that cause fatal application crashes with error 0xc00000fd areContinue reading “Fixing Windows 10 Application Error 0xc00000FD”

Fix iTunes Error 0xE8000065 on Windows

The 0xe8000065 iTunes error usually occurs when you try to connect your iOS device to iTunes. The error message that usually appears on your phone is “iTunes failed to connect to this iPhone because there was an unknown error (0xE8000065)”. This is usually due to communication problems between your device and your computer. One ofContinue reading “Fix iTunes Error 0xE8000065 on Windows”

Fix Microsoft Teams Stuck While Loading on PC

MS Teams is a reliable product offered by Microsoft, as are its other services. However, users reported that Microsoft Teams is blocked from downloading. The problem occurs when the user opens the MS Teams app but does not complete the download. This problem is extremely frustrating as it prevents users from freely using the platformContinue reading “Fix Microsoft Teams Stuck While Loading on PC”

How to Repair Veeam Installation

You can restore the installed Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. So: Run the setup wizard on the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager server. For more information, see Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. Run the Startup Configuration Wizard. Read and accept the license agreement. For more information, see the Startup Configuration Wizard. Read and accept the license agreement. InContinue reading “How to Repair Veeam Installation”

How to Specify Veeam Catalog Service Port

Veeam Backup Catalog is a function that means indexing the guest files of virtual machines. Veeam Backup Catalog includes Veeam Guest Catalog services that run on the following backup infrastructure servers: Veeam Backup Server and Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager Server. The Veeam Guest Catalog service on Veeam Backup Server works as a local directory. ItContinue reading “How to Specify Veeam Catalog Service Port”

A Guide to Veeam Setup Best Practices

More and more companies realize that server virtualization is the way to modern data security. In 2020, VMware is still the market leader, and many Veeam customers are using VMware vSphere as their preferred virtualization platform. But backing up virtual machines in vSphere is only part of the service availability. Backup is the backbone ofContinue reading “A Guide to Veeam Setup Best Practices”

How to Setup and Configure Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam Backup & Replication is the only solution that easily, reliably and flexibly protects all your cloud, virtual and physical workloads. Get rid of privacy, extortion protection, and compliance issues. Veeam saves time and money, simplifies administration, and minimizes costly downtime with key features that allow you to fully manage your entire backup data lifecycle.Continue reading “How to Setup and Configure Veeam Backup & Replication”

How to Change Veeam Cache Location

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, managed by Veeam Backup & Replication, supports the creation of recovery points in the backup cache, a temporary local storage where Veeam Agent creates backup files if the remote backup storage is unavailable. This can be useful if you are creating Veeam Agent’s backups using a backup policy: if someContinue reading “How to Change Veeam Cache Location”

vPower NFS Write Cache Location

Veeam vPower NFS is used when performing instant recovery from a Veeam backup file and allows Veeam to present a compressed backup file to your ESXi host as a regular VMDK. VPower technology allows you to perform the following functions: Recovery Overview Instant recovery VM Immediate recovery of a virtual machine disk Prepared reconstruction UniversalContinue reading “vPower NFS Write Cache Location”

Does Veeam Use SQL Server?

As database servers and other Tier 1 applications are virtualized, organizations need to be able to recover data at any given time, minimize the impact on end users and ensure business continuity. Consequently, backup and recovery strategies are more important for applications with high transaction rates. Veeam Backup & Replication provides flexible backup options andContinue reading “Does Veeam Use SQL Server?”