Some HP laptop owners have reported that error code 3f0 occurs when their system boots up.

This error code is accompanied by the message Boot Device Not Found. Please install the operating system on the hard drive 3f0 and indicates that the system could not find the hard drive.

We have prepared several solutions to help you solve this annoying problem once and for all.

What Causes the No Bootable Device Found, Hard Disk – 3F0 Error?

The error “Bootable device not found” or “Bootable device not found” means that the operating system cannot find the bootable hard drive or the boot sector of the hard drive. To fix the “Bootable device not found” error on your HP laptop or desktop computer, you need to know what may be the cause of this error. And here we conclude 4 causes in the form of the following list:

The hard drive that is being booted from is an unbootable drive or device.
The bootable hard disk is damaged or dead in some way.
The MBR or boot sector of the boot hard disk is damaged.
Virus infection.

How to Resolve the Boot Device Not Found, Hard Disk – 3F0 Error on an HP Computer

Perform a hard reset

A hard reset restores communication between the BIOS and the hardware. Performing a hard reset is simple and can eliminate the “boot device not found” error – 3F0.

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Remove the computer from the docking station and disconnect the power adapter from the computer.
  3. Make sure no other devices are connected to the computer.
  4. Now press the power button for 15 seconds to drain the remaining charge.
  5. Press the power button to start the system.
  6. When the Start menu appears, use the arrow keys to select “Start Windows normally” and press Enter.

Hard disk reset

Some connections may have been lost, and resetting the hard drive may eliminate the “boot device not found” error.

  1. Press the power button for a few seconds to turn off the computer.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the power outlet.
  3. Now unplug and reconnect the hard drive.
  4. Reassemble the computer and reboot it to see if it works properly.

Restoring the default BIOS settings

Sometimes the system is set to boot from an unbootable hard drive.

  1. Press the power button to boot the computer, then immediately press the F10 key several times to enter the BIOS settings menu.
  2. To boot and restore the default BIOS settings, press F9 on the BIOS setup menu.
  3. After booting, press F10 to save and exit.
  4. Select Yes and press Enter when Exit Saves Changes is displayed.
  5. Follow the instructions to reboot the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hard Disk 3F0 error is a common boot error that occurs on HP models. Sometimes these boot errors occur because the hard disk drive has failed and is no longer functional. Make sure that the hard drive is the primary boot device in the BIOS and that the cables connecting it to the motherboard are tight and secure.

  1. Change the boot order.
  2. Perform a hardware reset.
  3. Restore the default BIOS settings.
  4. Test the hard drive.
  5. Recover the MBR.

The "No bootable device found" error is generated by the system motherboard. If you have an HP laptop or PC, you may get a 3f0 error. The BIOS contains the order of boot devices for your laptop or desktop computer, and the first boot device is usually the system disk (Windows partition).

  1. Reboot your computer and hard drive.
  2. Reconnect the hard disk drive.
  3. Restore the default BIOS settings.
  4. Check and repair corrupted sectors.
  5. Check and update the MBR.