How to Restore ‘Errors Detected While Saving Excel’ on Windows 10

Excel is a spreadsheet application used to manage large amounts of numerical data. In addition to managing numbers, Excel allows us to create charts, graphs, formulas, pivot tables, etc., and store our data in many different formats. However, there are times when we encounter problems during the process of creating, editing, or saving an Excel […]

Fixing the circular reference error on Microsoft Excel

In a Microsoft Excel worksheet, there may be formulas in one cell that require information from another cell to calculate. These relationships are called references. When a cell refers to itself or to another cell that refers to the original cell, the formulas cannot be completed because they require a result that depends on the […]

Fix runtime error 1004 – macro cannot be executed in Excel

MS Excel is a very popular spreadsheet program that is used worldwide to store, organize and manipulate data. It is used for both personal and professional purposes and is available in two extensions, XLS and XLSX. But in addition to its popularity, it turns out to be corrupted and because of that, it starts giving […]