How to Stop Antimalware Service Executable High Memory Use on Windows 10

Antimalware service executables are used to prevent malware from infecting your computer. They’re installed automatically during Windows installation and run continuously while your system is powered on. If you don’t want them to run, you can disable them manually. However, some antimalware programs take up a lot of resources, causing your PC to slow down. … Read more

How to Eliminate ‘Security or firewall settings might be blocking the connection’ Error Message

A blocked connection could mean that you are having trouble connecting to a particular WiFi network. This could be because of several reasons such as your firewall settings being too restrictive or it could even be due to the fact that the network itself is down. In either case, you might want to make sure … Read more

How to Fix ‘Security Center Failed to Validate Caller with Error dc040780’ on Windows 10 PC

The following error occurred while attempting to validate the caller ID information associated with the call being placed: “DC040780”. This problem occurs because the Microsoft Exchange Server cannot verify the identity of the calling party. To resolve this issue, you must ensure that the caller ID information is valid and accurate. For additional assistance, contact … Read more