How to Resolve ‘Your PC Needs to be Repaired’ Error Message

The dreaded blue screen of death is one of those errors that most people dread seeing on their computers. If it happens while you’re working, you’ll likely want to know how to fix “your pc needs to be repaired.” This error usually appears when there’s something wrong with your hard disk, which isn’t good news. […]

How to Troubleshoot Kernel_Data_Inpage_Error on Windows 10

A BSOD with kernel_data_inpage_errorr is usually caused by a corrupted registry file. If you see this error while booting your PC, it could mean that one of your files is corrupt. To repair this issue, follow these steps: What does kernel_data_inpage_error mean? The kernel_data_inpage_error is caused because the system could not find enough information about […]

How to Troubleshoot Error 80072efe on Windows 10 PC

This guide provides instructions on how to fix update error 80072EFE on a Windows computer. Windows 80072EFE update error code can occur either after reinstalling your Windows operating system or after checking for the latest updates. What causes error 80072efe in Windows 10? Unreliable/unstable Internet connection. Accumulation of unwanted files. Downloading a program while the […]

How to Repair IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Error on Windows PC

If you’re playing games in Windows 10 and the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error keeps showing up on a blue screen, it can be frustrating. This error is probably caused by faulty drivers that are programmed to access inappropriate hardware addresses. To fix this error, simply try the solutions suggested in this post. There are very effective solutions […]

Troubleshooting: Recovery Blue Screen Error 0x0000185 in Windows PC

Error code 0xc0000185 almost always occurs when you boot your Windows computer, usually after rebooting your system. It almost always appears as a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) with the text “Your PC boot configuration data is missing or contains some errors” followed by an error code. It is also possible that the message reads […]