How to Troubleshoot ‘Problem with Wireless Adapter’ Issue on Windows 10

If you’re having trouble connecting to wireless networks, there may be something wrong with your adapter or access point. Many Windows 10 and 11 PCs access the Internet through a wireless adapter. However, wireless adapters can be problematic, especially if you don’t set them up correctly. One of the problems reported by users is a […]

How to Resolve ‘Network Adapter Not Detected’ Issue on Windows 10

If you don’t see your network adapter under “Network Connections” and there’s no “Network Adapter” tab in Device Manager, it looks like your network adapter is not detected in Windows 10, which is a serious problem because you won’t be able to access the internet until the problem is fixed. In short, when you click […]

How to Resolve Network Adapter Keep Disconnecting in Windows 11

Nowadays, most people use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. After the release of Windows 11, some users complained that their Wi-Fi connection was constantly interrupted randomly. On the Microsoft forums, we learned that this problem of interrupted Wifi connection exists already with Windows 10. Many users reported that they had problems with their Wi-Fi […]