How to Restore ‘The Specified Module Could Not Be Found’ Error Message

This kind of issue is a RunDLL error. It refers to the DLL (.dll) files associated with the Windows registry, which are used to perform simultaneous tasks executed by different programs. RunDLL errors usually occur when a program is not allowed to access a particular code. A virus or malware can also cause these errors. … Read more

How to Troubleshoot Chkdsk Write Protected Error in Windows PC

If you get the CHKDSK Write Protected message when running CHKDSK, this article will help you fix it. When you use CHKDSK, you may get an alert saying, “Windows cannot perform a system scan on this volume because it has been marked as read-only.” To understand why the CHKDSK command fails when trying to check … Read more

Troubleshooting “Cannot create new folder” on Windows Computer

One of the benefits of Windows is that it allows users to easily create a new folder from the desktop context menu and File Explorer. But what if the “New Folder” and “New Item” buttons don’t work? This error could be caused by incompatible drivers or corrupt registry keys. Whatever the cause, it would be … Read more

How to Resolve: “Can’t Eject External Hard Drive” on Windows 10 Computer

Some users report that they cannot safely remove external hard drives, such as USB drives. This problem is often caused by other processes that use the contents of the drive, or by Windows USB drivers that do not allow the extraction of the external drive. Users report that they cannot eject the hard drive using … Read more