How to Repair: “The time limit for logging on was reached” Issue on Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has all the features you need to ensure secure and efficient communication with clients. But it also allows you to add various third-party add-ons that improve Outlook performance and communication with related software.

Salesforce add-ons allow you to take advantage of Salesforce in Outlook. The integration is completely cloud-based, and no external software installation is required. If you’ve added a Salesforce add-in to Outlook, you should read the full article to find a way to fix the logging error.

Every time you open Outlook, the following error is displayed:

Login timeout reached while waiting for system resources. Try again. MAPI 1.0 [000004C2]”.

What is the cause of the “Login timeout reached” problem in Outlook?

  • Conflicting applications: If applications on your system are conflicting with legitimate Outlook work, they may conflict with Outlook and cause an error message.
  • Damaged/conflicting Outlook add-ons: Outlook add-ons greatly extend the functionality of Outlook, but if one of these add-ons is damaged or conflicts with the operation of Outlook, you may experience problems when a user logs into Outlook.
  • Damaged PST file: Outlook PST file is the backbone of communication, and if this file is corrupt, it can cause many problems for Outlook, including the current problem.
  • Damaged/inserted contents of a temporary folder: Like any other Windows application, Outlook also uses the Windows Temp folder to store its temporary files. If the contents of this folder are corrupt or collide with Outlook, it could be the cause of connectivity problems.
  • Improperly configured proxy settings: Proxy settings are used to allow client computers to use indirect network connections to other network services. If your system is using a proxy to connect to a network that is not properly configured, this could cause the current Outlook error.
  • Network restrictions: ISPs use various methods to maintain control, but these restrictions can sometimes limit access to your Outlook account.
  • Improperly configured network settings: Outlook works best with the default TCP/IP network settings. If the network settings are not configured correctly or are different from the default settings, Outlook may produce the current error.

How to solve the “Login Delay” problem in Outlook?

Update add-ons

The problem is usually caused by faulty add-ons. This is especially true for Salesforce add ons, which often cause this error. Add-ons usually update themselves, but you can force an update by reinstalling a particular add-on.

For most third-party add-ons, you need to get them from a third-party website and install them. This works just like any other 32-bit application. Then restart Outlook and check for enhancements.

Launching Outlook in safe mode

  1. Make sure the Outlook desktop client is closed.
  2. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run command prompt.
  3. At the command prompt, type outlook.exe/safe and press Enter.
  4. Check your changes.

Reinstalling the Salesforce add-in

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Select File.
  3. Open Manage Add-ins.
  4. The web client opens. Uninstall the Salesforce add-in.
  5. First, close the Outlook desktop client and download the Salesforce add-in from the official add-in store.
  6. Install the Salesforce add-in and check the enhancements.

Disable multifactor authentication

  1. In a web browser, go to the Security section of your Microsoft account.
  2. Select Two-factor authentication.
  3. Select Disable two-step verification and close the browser.
  4. Try using Outlook again.