If you encounter error code 0x00000667, ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND_LINE when running a certain application or when trying to put your computer into hibernation or sleep mode, you can be sure that you are in the right place to solve this problem. In this article, we are going to describe the possible causes of blue screen error and provide the most appropriate solutions with which you can try to get your computer back in good shape.

Invalid command line argument. See the Complete Command Line Help in the Windows Installer SDK.

A BSOD error can be caused by one or more (but not limited to) of the following known causes.

Disable Hyper-V

In most cases, error 0x00000667 occurs when you use the Android emulator or a virtual desktop on your computer. In both cases, you need to enable the Hyper-V service. To get rid of this Stop error, you need to disable the Hyper-V service by following these instructions:

Reinstall the video card driver

The problem might be with your computer’s video card driver.

Click the Windows icon. Then enter the Device Manager.

  1. Simply click on “Device Manager.”
  2. You should click on “Display Adapter”.
  3. Right click on your computer’s graphics card and select “Remove Device”.
  4. Click Yes to remove the driver from your computer.

After uninstalling the display driver, restart your computer.

This should reinstall the deleted graphics driver on your computer. If the display driver is not reinstalled, follow these steps:

Of course. First, press the Windows key + the X key.

б. Then click Device Manager.

vs. Then click “Action”, then “Check Hardware Modifications”.

This should solve the problem on your system.

Disable / reregister the Windows Installer Service

Sometimes error 0x00000667 can also appear when users try to install a new program using the Windows Installer service. In such cases, you need to quit the Windows Installer Service by running the following code at the command line (administrator).

msiexec / unreg

After successfully executing this code, re-register the Windows Installer Service by running the following command on the console with elevated privileges:

msiexec / regserver

Finally, restart Windows 10 for the changes to take effect. When your computer charges, you won’t see a shutdown error on the screen.