Audio in Kast may not work due to misconfiguration of I / O devices. In addition, a disabled stereo mixing setting can cause a problem. Affected user had an issue while trying to stream / watch movies through Kast, but no sound is playing. For some users, the problem occurred 3-4 minutes after the start of the broadcast.

Before you start looking for solutions, make sure your operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.) and system drivers are up to date. Also, make sure the person viewing the Kast channel has moderator rights. Manually mute / unmute the microphone to eliminate temporary interference. To explain this, we are going to tell you about solutions for Windows PC.

Enable stereo mixing in Windows 10

The stereo mixing function allows you to record the output of the stream. In Kast Audio, you may need to enable this setting and select it as the audio source for audio transmission.

Turn on Stereo Mix to see if this solves the Kast no Audio from Video issue.

Change input device Kast

Also, if the audio input from Kast is different from the audio from the computer, the audio from Kast may not work. To fix this problem, you can change the Kast input device in your sound settings. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1. Launch Kast and go to the sound settings page.

Step 2. Expand the Mic / Line In drop-down menu and select Computer Audio.

Step 3. In the “Voice Mode” section, select “Open Microphone”. Click SAVE to save your changes.

Then restart Kast and check if the issue with Kast without sound is resolved.

Install the speaker / headphone output device

You may experience audio problems if your system’s audio output is set to speakers. Change the output setting to Speakers and Headphones to resolve the issue.

Use a virtual audio device

If all of the above methods fail to fix the Kast sound, you might need a virtual audio device. Sometimes this problem occurs due to the incompatibility of your headphones with your computer. If you’re using a virtual audio device instead, the audio should pass through your PC speakers without issue.