How to Fix the Error: `There was an error loading the game configuration from the website` on Runescape

RuneScape, also known as RuneScape 3, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Jagex. The game is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest and newest free-to-play MMORPG and has been popular since its release.

However, some players complain that when they launch the RuneScape client, they get an error message saying that ‘There was an error loading the game configuration from the website’. This is a common problem in Windows 10/8.1/7, and the reasons may vary.

If you encounter the same problem, you can follow the solutions below in sequence to solve it.

What causes the message “An error occurred while loading the game configuration from the website” in Runescape

The keyboard format is different from what the game server expects: It turns out that Runescape is designed for the same browser language as the operating system. If the format is different, the game server will consider it a mismatch and will refuse to connect. If this is the case, you can solve the problem by resetting the keyboard layout to standard (English – US).

Browser mismatch: Rune-scape is a browser-based game, so most launching problems can be solved by restarting your browser, clearing your browser cache, or switching to a more powerful browser. In most cases, problems with Runescape are reported when using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

NIC mismatch: In some cases, this problem may be due to temporary files that your NIC is handling. If this is the cause of the problem, you can resolve it by performing a full Winsock reset to reset all the temporary files associated with the network card.

Domain name system mismatch: DNS mismatch may also be the cause of this problem. If this scenario applies, you have two options to solve the problem: you can either clear your current DNS cache or switch to the DNS provided by Google.

Third-party firewall intervention: One of the most common causes of this problem is the intervention of an anti-virus program or firewall that blocks communication between the game server and the end user’s computer. In this case, you can solve the problem by disabling real-time protection or removing the redundant protection package completely.

How to resolve the message “There was an error loading the game configuration from the website” in Runescape

Changing DNS settings

  1. Press “Windows” + “R” to open the Runescape window, type “Ncpa.CPL” and press “Enter”.
  2. Right-click on your Internet connection and select “Properties”.
  3. Double click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” option and check the “Use
  4. the following DNS addresses” button.
  5. Enter “” for “Preferred DNS Server” and “” for “Alternate DNS Server”.
  6. Click “OK” to save your changes and start RuneScape.
  7. Make sure that the message “There was an error loading the game configuration from the website” is still displayed.

Allow passage through the firewall

  1. Press “Windows” + “R” to open the runtime window, type “Control Firewall.CPL” and press “Enter”.
  2. Click on the “Allow an application or function through Windows Defender Firewall” option and select the “Change settings” button.
  3. Confirm the prompts that appear and scroll down the list.
  4. Enable the “Private and Public” options for the RuneScape client and any other programs associated with the client.
  5. Save your changes and make sure that the message “There was an error loading the game configuration from the website” still appears.

Changing the launch configuration

  1. Right-click on the RuneScape client executable and select “Properties”.
  2. In Properties, click the Compatibility tab and select “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.
  3. Try selecting an older version of the operating system from the list.
  4. Also, check the “Run this program as an administrator” box and select “Apply”.
  5. Click “OK” to close the properties window and try running RuneScape again.
  6. Check to see if the problem persists.

Clear the cache and reinstall

  1. Press “Windows” + “R”, type “%appdata%” and press “Enter”.
  2. In the “AppData” folder, find the “Jagex” folder and delete it.
  3. Also, go to your local hard drive and find the folder with the word “Jagex” in its name.
  4. Delete that folder as well.
  5. Now clear your browser history and cache and download RuneScape again.
  6. Reinstall the client and the game and see if the problem persists.
  7. Also, try deleting the Jagex cache folder in Documents or C:/Users/(username).