Microsoft Intune allows users to sync enrolled devices with their organizations. However, sometimes Intune won’t sync users’ devices. One of the most common Intune sync error messages is sync failed to start (0x82ac019e). Therefore, when this issue occurs, users are unable to initiate synchronization of a Windows device with Intune. Here are some of the proven Intune sync solutions that didn’t crash.

Unregister the device with other organizations

Set dmwappushservice to auto9matic using registry

If you need to apply it to multiple computers, you can edit it on one computer, export the key, and then apply it to multiple computers.

Open the registry editor with administrator rights and go to the following path

Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ dmwappushservice
Find the START button and double click to change the value to “2” and set it to automatic.

When you’re done, right click on the dmwappushservice button and export to your desktop. Then you can import the key to multiple computers that are experiencing the same problem.

Refresh policies if service is disabled

If, for any reason, you are unable to start the service and you have a problem because the policies are not updated on your computer, you can use the Intune admin extension. The extension allows you to run scripts that can update policies even when the service is disabled. IT administrators can load PowerShell scripts into Intune to run on Windows 10 devices. Extensions provide logging to ensure that any errors are logged.

Hope this article was easy to follow and you were able to start a service that was preventing Windows 10 devices from syncing with Intune after enrollment.