You won’t find a more stable email client than Microsoft Outlook. However, it can also be made to generate error messages when a problem occurs. Outlook error code 0x8004060C is a good example. Outlook generates this error message when the PST file starts to exceed the storage limit.

Error message:

“Microsoft Exchange Server – Submit Job reported error (0x8004060C):” The message store has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this message store, select certain items that you no longer need and delete them permanently. ” “

Error message:

E-MAIL ADDRESS task – sent and received error (0x8004060C): “Unknown error 0x8004060C”

Error message:

“Microsoft Exchange Server – Error received by the get task (0x8004060C):” Unknown error 0x8004060C “

Reduce mailbox size

Recover Outlook OST Data File

Outlook offers a rich user interface for business users as well as various other business features. However, there is no guarantee that Outlook will not damage your files. So, given the problems with Outlook error code 0x8004060c, we have discussed some methods of recovering OST and PST files. Besides some manual methods, users can seek help from a third party and fix this error.