If installing the Windows 10 update for version 2004 fails, continue reading this guide. As you may know, Microsoft released the last major update for Windows 10 in May 2020, known as the “May 2020 Windows 10 Update” or “Feature Update for Windows 10 Version 2004”.

To make sure your Windows 10 device is compatible with the 2004 update installation, go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Update Center and click “Check for Updates.” Once you’ve checked for new updates and your device’s compatibility, you’ll be notified that the “Component Update to Windows 10, Version 2004” update is available. If you want to install the update immediately, save your work, close all programs and click “Download and Install”.

Usually, the Windows 10 2004 update installs without any problems. As is sometimes the case with many Windows updates, downloading or installing the component update for Windows 10 v2004 may end up with an error for various reasons. If so, follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide to troubleshoot problems downloading or installing Windows 10 Update v2004.

Common Windows 10 Update Center v2004 problems fixed in this guide:

Disable third-party antivirus

Temporarily disable your antivirus software

Windows Update error 0xc19001e1 may be caused by third-party software. To fix this Windows Update Center error, you can try disabling third-party antivirus.

After disabling antivirus, you can restart your computer, run the Windows Update Center error and see if the 0xc19001e1 error is fixed.

If that solution doesn’t work, try other solutions.

Run the Windows Update Center troubleshooter.

When you find error 0xc19001e1, you can run the Windows Update Center Troubleshooter.

Here’s a tutorial.

Update drivers and BIOS

Updating the device drivers can resolve 0XC19001E1 or most 0XC19 related errors in most cases.

Some users report that updating their video card drivers has eliminated the problem. If you can’t find the driver configuration on the motherboard or graphics card manufacturer’s website, you can try updating it through Device Manager (check the availability of drivers on Microsoft’s server).

Tip: To find problematic drivers, open the Setuperr.log and Setupact.log files in the% windir% \ Panther directory. Here is a list of other logs you can check: