Outlook error 0x800cccdd is one of the most common errors encountered by users when working with an IMAP server account. This error prevents users from accessing Outlook features and also becomes an obstacle when transmitting (sending/receiving) emails. Why am I getting this error code 0x800cccdd in Outlook 2010 and other versions? How do I recognize this error and how do I remove it from Outlook? All these questions are discussed in the next section.

Causes of Outlook error 0x800cccdd

Let’s find out the main reasons for this IMAP error.

Since IMAP is synchronized with the default server (it belongs to IMAP), there is no need to manually schedule sending/receiving of emails. If the user unknowingly activates the send/receive e-mail option, he will encounter error code 0x800cccdd.

It is common for users to put IMAP and POP accounts in the same group, which causes the “Your IMAP server has closed the connection” error message.

Personalize the scheduled send/receive

The following solution is based on the Outlook 2010 client:

  1. Select File> Preferences> Advanced.
  2. Scroll to the Send and Receive section and click Send/Receive.
  3. When the Send and Receive Groups window appears, select Create and define a new account group. Select OK.
  4. Select the IMAP account and check the “Include the selected account in this group” box. When you are finished, select OK.
  5. When your new defined group is highlighted, turn off “Schedule automatic send/receive process…”.
  6. Select the “All Accounts” group and click “Edit”.
  7. Find the IMAP account and uncheck “Include the selected account in this group”. When you are finished, select OK.

After completing the above process, the configured IMAP account will stop sending the IDLE command to the server and all send/receive operations will need to be done manually.

For Outlook 2016.

Perform the following steps to resolve IMAP error 0x800cccdd.

Go to Outlook and click the Send/Receive option on the menu bar.
Then select the Define Send/Receive Groups option.
From there, follow step 4 as described above for Outlook 2010.

For Outlook 2007.

Fix Outlook 2007 error code 0x800cccdd by following these steps.

Run the ScanPST.exe utility.

If the first method above doesn’t work for you, you can use the built-in email recovery tool – Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe) to fix the problem. This tool is present in every new version of Outlook and can perform common troubleshooting tasks for PST files.

If the problem is related to a personal folder profile, you can quickly resolve it by scanning your Outlook data with the ScanPST.exe utility.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to restore an Outlook data file using ScanPST.exe utility:

Note: If you can’t find the SCANPST executable using the search function, you can try searching for it manually in one of the following locations:

Above I have described methods to fix IMAP error 0x800cccdd in Outlook 2010, 2016 and 2007. The above steps are highly likely to fix the error faced by users. If manual solution doesn’t work, you can opt for alternative solution. I hope this helps to solve your issue.