Some Windows users report that whenever they try to download podcasts or other types of audio files for local playback using iTunes, they see error 0x80090302 “Make sure your network connection is established and try again” becomes. Some users encounter a problem when logging in (right after opening iTunes).

Since the problem may be caused by a conflict between iTunes and a pending Windows 10 update, run this troubleshooting guide by updating iTunes to the latest version. If this doesn’t work or you already have the latest version installed, run the Windows application troubleshooter or perform a complete reinstallation of iTunes.

Check the connection between your PC and device

We need to check the connection status based on the error. 0x80090302 is one of the connection errors. The connection devices required to connect your PC and device include the USB cable, USB port, device port, and network status. To check all of these, you can connect your iPhone to other devices to see if there is a problem with the USB cable or connecting your iPhone, iPad, etc. D. You can also try using another network or Wi-Fi. Fi to check the network status. Once you find the cause of the error, all you need to do is adjust the bad connection to fix the error.

Update iTunes to the latest version

This problem could be caused by a conflict between the desktop version of iTunes and the Windows 10 update. Fortunately, Apple has already resolved this incompatibility with an update that was automatically sent to iTunes.

If the automatic update is disabled, you can solve the problem by updating manually.

To update iTunes to the latest version, click “Help” (on the ribbon at the top), and then click “Check for Updates.”

When a new version of iTunes is available, the utility downloads and installs it automatically. After that, restart iTunes and go back to “Help”> “Check to see if you have the latest version installed”.

Using System Restore

Here’s another effective way to fix iTunes error code 0x80090302 on your Windows PC:

1) Enter rstrui.exe in the start command field.
2) Select “Choose a different restore point” and click “Next” in the System Restore window.
3) Select iTunes from the list and click “Next”.
4) On the Confirm Restore Point window, click Finish.
5) Select Yes in the warning box.

After the restore, restart your computer.

Try another computer

keyboard types only numbers or nothing at all

Well! Before you get TunesCare, you can make sure there are no problems on your computer. If something is wrong with your PC, such as an outdated Windows that doesn’t support the latest version of iTunes, a virus infection, or lack of USB driver software installed. It’s best to switch to another computer and see if it’s right for you. However, you may not be able to restore iOS with iTunes because there is no backup.

This article mentions 4 simple methods to effectively fix iTunes error 0x80090302. You can read these methods and choose the one you like best. In addition to the above methods, you can restart your computer and device or contact Apple support to try.