4 Solutions for Windows 10’s “Tab key not working”

Tab Key not Working

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Windows is one of the most popular operating systems, and millions of people often use it on their computers. However, it has recently been reported that the Tab key does not work in Windows.

Windows is full of useful keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate the system faster. The most common is to press Alt and Tab at the same time, which gives you an overview of all open windows and allows you to switch between them at lightning speed.

It’s easy to see why a key combination that doesn’t work can be a problem for many people. For those who frequently switch from one application to another to work more efficiently, this is very important. In our article, you will learn how to fix the Alt-Tab key combination that doesn’t work in Windows 10.

Switching from one app to another in Windows 10 devices can be done with a combination of two keyboard keys: Alt + Tab. We know this because we use this feature all the time to quickly and easily manage our tasks and tools.

But what can we do if the Alt + Tab functions don’t work?

Well, if you are not an experienced user, or if you have never encountered this problem before, you will find that you have no idea how to solve the Alt-Tab problem, which means that a proper guide will be more than helpful.

In this regard, you can always follow the following steps to know how to fix Alt + Tab Shift in Windows 10 easily.

What prevents the TAB key from working in Windows?

What prevents the TAB key from working in Windows

After receiving numerous reports from several users, we decided to investigate the problem and found viable solutions that completely solve the problem for our users. We have also investigated the causes causing this problem and listed them below.

TeamViewer :
This is an application that allows you to access another computer through your computer and is used by many people. A bug was found in this application that prevents the user from accessing the TAB key function during a TeamViewer session, even if the remote session is not active.

Main issue :
In some cases, the problem is not with the software, but with the keyboard. The keyboard may be faulty or the TAB key may be damaged.

Registry changes :
The Windows registry is responsible for managing many parts of your system under the hood. Some applications create new registry entries during installation that may conflict with existing entries. As a result, your system may not recognize Alt-Tab as a key combination that allows you to modify applications.

Undoing the key combination :
It’s possible that the application you installed has overwritten the pre-existing Alt-Tab shortcut, so that it now has a different function on your system.

Windows Explorer Error:
Windows Explorer is one of the many pillars of your system. When an error occurs, it can disrupt the functionality of your system, including its shortcuts.

Peripheral Devices :
Peripheral devices such as your keyboard, computer mouse, or headset can cause the Alt-Tab key combination to stop working.

Most of your devices work with drivers. If your drivers are missing, outdated, or incompatible with your system, they can interfere with the Alt-Tab shortcut, among many other problems.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem, let’s move on to solving it. Remember to implement solutions in this order to avoid conflicts.


Try these solutions

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Here are some solutions that have helped others solve the tab key problem. You don’t need to try them all, just work your way through until the Tab key works again.

Solution 1: Restart your computer

Since many technical problems can be solved by rebooting, rebooting the computer and the game isn’t difficult. Often, that’s all it takes to solve a keyboard problem.

Also, if you’re using an external keyboard, make sure you plug it in correctly. And you can disconnect and reconnect the keyboard to see if you can fix the problem with the tab keys not working.

Solution 2: Update the keyboard driver

A missing or outdated keyboard driver can cause certain keyboard problems, such as the tab key not working. Therefore, you need to update your keyboard driver to the latest version.

There are two ways to update the keyboard driver: manually and automatically.

Manual driver update – You can go to the keyboard manufacturer’s website, find the latest driver for your device, and install it on your computer. Be sure to download a driver that is compatible with your operating system.

Try the tab key again and see if it works.

Solution 3: Try keyboard shortcuts

The tab key can be disabled by accidentally pressing certain key combinations. Therefore, you can try activating the tab key by pressing key combinations. The combinations vary from keyboard to keyboard and from system to system. So if you know the combination to activate the tab key, you can just try it.

You can also try the common combinations listed below:

1.) Press the Alt key twice, then check to see if the Tab key works again.
2.) While holding down the Alt key, press and release the 0, 0, and 9 keys on the keyboard.
3.) Press the Ctrl key twice and check if the Tab key works.
4.) Press the Windows logo key twice and see if that solves the problem.

If it doesn’t work, don’t worry. There’s something else you can try.

Solution 4: Closing TeamViewer

Many Windows users report that the tab key stops working when they open TeamViewer, the remote desktop software. If this is the case, you should close TeamViewer on your computer.

If closing TeamViewer does not solve your problem, you should open the Task Manager (by pressing Shift, Ctrl, and Esc keys simultaneously), stop the task and TeamViewer services and it should work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the Adjust button, then click the AutoCorrect Options button. As you type, click the Auto-format tab. At the bottom of the box, check the "Set left and first dashes with tabs and spaces" box. The tab key should now work to move to the next level of plan numbering.

While holding down the "ALT" key, press the "0,0,9" keys on your keyboard. If the pointer misses a few spaces on the bar, it means that the TAB function is working and the problem is hardware related. Check to see if the pointer is missing spaces.

If it still doesn't work, the Enter key is broken. You can replace it or use Ctrl+M instead of the Enter key. Maybe some dirt has accumulated on the Enter key, try cleaning the keyboard with compressed air. If you still don't get an answer, the Enter key is defective.

Open Control Panel > Language. Select the default language. If you have more than one language enabled, move the other language to the top of the list to make it your primary language - then move your current preferred language back to the top of the list. This resets the keyboard.