How to Troubleshoot Steam Disk Read Error in Windows 10 Computer

A Steam disk read error can occur when downloading or updating a game you have purchased on Steam. These messages usually appear when trying to install or download a new game or update a previously installed game. They may also appear when trying to run a game that requires an update.

What are the causes of the Read Error on Steam?

  • This Steam disk read error may be due to a 0KB file.
  • This problem can occur if you are using the wrong or outdated device drivers.
  • Some corrupted files in the Steam log may also be the cause of this read/write error.
  • Sometimes the hard disk error occurs because you do not have permission to run Steam.
  • This problem can occur if some files in your game installation are corrupted or have been deleted by antivirus software as false positives.

How to resolve the Steam hard drive read error?

Start Steam as an administrator

  1. Locate Steam on the desktop and right-click the icon.
  2. Select “Properties” on the menu.
  3. Click the “Compatibility” tab.
  4. Make sure that the “Run this program as an administrator” section is enabled.
  5. Click “OK” to save your changes.
  6. You can now restart the application and try to load the game again.

Deleting corrupted files

  1. Open the main Steam folder.
  2. Go to the “steamapps/common” folder.
  3. Look for 0KB files with the same name as the game you are trying to download.
  4. If these files are present, delete them.
  5. Restart the game or download it again.

Remove player protection

  1. Right-click on the Steam folder in its directory (most likely in “C:/Programs (86x)”).
    Click on “Properties.”
  2. Find the “Attributes” section on the “General” tab and make sure the “Read-only” checkbox is unchecked.
  3. Click “OK” to save your changes.
  4. Restart Steam on your computer and try downloading the game again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Update your drivers.
  2. Delete the 0KB file.
  3. Delete corrupted files in the log file.
  4. Check the integrity of the game files.
  5. Run flush config.
  6. Set full security controls on the Steam folder.
  7. Remove write protection from your hard drive.
  8. Disable your antivirus program.

Simply put, hard drive read error can be caused by a number of reasons, such as wrong boot order, BIOS problem, IDE cable error, misconfigured MBR, faulty hard drive, etc. If you encounter such a problem, you can restart your computer as many times as you want by pressing "Ctrl+Alt+Del", the error will still persist.

  1. Damaged Steam disk error.
  2. Open the location of the file Steam.exe.
  3. Rename the "Download" folder.
  4. Clear the Steam download cache.
  5. Run the error checking tool on the game disc.
  6. Power options in the control panel.
  7. Disable the hard drive shutdown.
  8. Uninstall the program in the Control Panel.