How to Resolve Windows Activation Error 0x8007267C on Windows 10

So, when you activate Windows, you get the error code 0x8007267C. This error can be easily fixed. In this article, we will solve this problem with the simplest solutions.

This error can occur if the computer you are trying to activate does not have a DNS server registered in the network properties and the message you see could be

Error code 0x8007267C Definition:
DNS server not configured for local system

This error can also occur if you are not connected to the Internet or if the activation server is temporarily unavailable. In this case, you should reconnect to the Internet and after some time try to activate the computer again.

What causes Windows activation error code 0x8007267C?

  • Incorrect DNS range: Depending on your ISP, this error may occur if your ISP has assigned you the wrong DNS range, which the activation server rejects.
  • Corrupt DNS cache: Another common cause of this activation error is a mismatch caused by a corrupt DNS cache.
  • License key problem: In some cases, you may need to contact a Microsoft Live Support representative and have them remotely activate the license key on your computer.
  • Requires a different type of activation: If you are trying to activate a key that was originally transferred from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you may need to use the SLMGR utility to successfully activate it.

How to solve the Windows activation error code 0x8007267C?

Utilize the activation troubleshooter

  1. Right-click the Windows icon and select Run to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type ms-settings: activation in the text box and press Enter.
  3. The Activation tab of the Settings application opens. In the right pane, under Activation, select Troubleshooting.
  4. Wait for the scan to complete.
  5. Now follow the instructions on the screen to resolve the issues.

Sometimes, general activation inconsistency can cause 0x8007267C errors and make it difficult to activate Windows 10. In this case, running a simple activation troubleshooter can help resolve the issue.

Using MAK (multiple activation keys)

  1. Right-click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin) in the WinX key.
  2. Enter the following command in the expanded window and press Enter after each command.
    slmgr /ipk *license key*.
    slmgr /ato.
  3. Wait for the process to complete.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message when the process completes.
  5. Reboot the system and check if the error has been fixed.

Clear the corrupted DNS cache

  1. Open a command prompt with administrator access.
  2. In the expanded window, type the following command and press Enter to clear the corrupt DNS cache.
    ipconfig /flushdns
  3. Wait for the process to complete.
  4. After receiving a confirmation message that the DNS cache has been successfully flushed, enter the following command to update the current IP configuration and press Enter.
    ipconfig /renew
  5. After completing the above steps, try to activate Windows again.

A corrupted DNS cache is one of the main reasons that can cause error 0x8007267C. In this case, the message “No DNS server configured for local system” may appear on the screen. If you see the corresponding message, clear the current corrupted DNS cache.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Clean up the temporary files.
  2. Boot the computer clean.
  3. Run an sfc scan.
  4. Ping network statistics with Microsoft servers.
  5. Make sure there is no proxy server behind your internet connection.
  6. Fix your programs or operating systems.

Open a command prompt on the client where the error occurred, and run IPCONFIG /all. Make sure that the assigned IP address, subnet mask, DNS server, and default gateway are set to the correct values for your environment.

Select Start -> Settings -> Update and Security -> Activation, then select Troubleshooting to run the Activation Troubleshooter. For more information about troubleshooting, see Using the Activation Troubleshooter.

Error 0x8007267C means that there is a DNS configuration problem on your PC and your PC cannot be activated with the license key.