How to Repair: SKSE64 Not Working

Skyrim is a very popular video game among gamers. But many gamers report facing the problem of SKSE64 not working. Sometimes it stops working and gives an error. SKSE64 is short for “Skyrim Script Extender 64”. It is a modding tool that plays a crucial role in applying complex mods in Skyrim Special Edition.

You will encounter this problem even if you are using a newer version of Skyrim SKSE64. Because of this issue, players will not be able to start the game after installing the SKSE64 executable mod.

Sometimes the game will launch, but it will only display a black screen. So if you encounter this problem, don’t worry. Here we will look at the causes and solutions that cause this error to appear.

What makes SKSE64 not work or not start?

We have studied this issue and created a comprehensive guide with solutions that have reportedly solved the problem for most users. We have also looked at the causes that caused the error, and listed below are some of the most common causes.

Firewall: In some cases, the Windows Firewall does not allow certain elements of the game to contact the servers, resulting in the game not starting properly.

Antivirus / Windows Defender: In some cases, Windows Defender or antivirus software installed on your computer blocks the launch of skse64 or the game. The Defender or antivirus program may detect the application as dangerous, as a false alarm, causing it to stop.

Updates: When you update the game, the old Skyrim Script Extender will no longer work with the updated game, as the game version and skse64 app must be the same for them to work together. So you can either update SKSE or reinstall the game version.

Faulty modes: a certain mode may be causing the problem in the game. When the game is updated, old mods usually stop working. Mod developers usually release new versions of mods after a game update.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the problem, we will move on to solving it. However, it is recommended that you try to implement these solutions in the above order to make sure that none of them conflicts with each other.

How to Solve a situation where SKSE64 doesn’t work or doesn’t start

Allow access to the Windows firewall

Sometimes your computer’s firewall can block various elements of the game and prevent your computer from connecting to the game on the server. This prevents it from launching. Try the following steps to see if the Windows firewall is causing the error:

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Now select Update and Security.
  4. On the left side, select Windows Security.
  5. Select the Firewall and Network Protection option.
  6. Click on: Allow an application to pass through the firewall.
  7. Click on Change Settings.
  8. Allow Skyrim on public and private networks, as well as Skyrim-related applications.
  9. Make sure that Steam is turned on.
  10. Click OK and run the game to see if the problem is fixed.

Disable any broken mods

Mods can sometimes cause problems leading to this error if the game is updated without mod updates. Usually, developers release updates to mods at the same time they update the game. However, if it takes longer to update, you may need to disable the problematic mods until updates are available.

  1. Open the Elder Scrolls game.
  2. Open the menu.
  3. Click on Mods.
  4. Find the mods that are causing the error and disable them.
  5. Restart the game to see if that helped.

Add an exception to your antivirus program or Windows Defender

Windows Defender, already installed on your new PC, helps protect against threats. The same applies to anti-virus software. However, it is known that this type of software can prevent SKSE64 from starting or running or interfere with the game.

To avoid this, you need to add an exception to Windows Defender and your antivirus program so that they know that Skyrim is not a threat.

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Update and Security.
  4. On the left, select Windows Security.
  5. Click on Virus and Threat Protection.
  6. Now select Manage Settings.
  7. Find the name Exception and click on Folder.
  8. Add the “Skyrim” folder to this location.
  9. Run the game and see if the error is fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

A common cause of this problem is firewall blockage. You need to make sure that the firewall is allowed to access it. Click on the "Start" menu and select the "Settings" icon. In the settings, click on the "Updates and Security" option.

  1. Allow access through a firewall.
  2. Allow Skyrim through Windows Defender/Antivirus.
  3. Reset the game version.
  4. Disable faulty mods.

The Skyrim Scenario Extender or the game itself may not have the necessary permissions to access certain system files. Some mod manager settings on your computer may not be configured correctly. SKSE may not be properly installed on your computer.

  1. Grant access to the Windows firewall.
  2. Add an exception to your antivirus or Windows Defender.
  3. Roll back the version of the game.
  4. Disable any mods that are not working.