The Origin overlay adds additional options to games that you can select while playing. However, some users will not see the overlay error message in an Origin game. As a result, the Origin overlay will not work in the game.

Check out some of these permissions if you need to resolve the overlay issue in Origin in-game.

Check whether the original in-game overlay is turned on or off.

This is the easiest solution. If the source is enabled/disabled in-game overlay, this should be checked first. For example, the original Titanfall 2 overlay problem exists several times in different games. Players don’t allow this, so you need to check. To make sure the source overlay is disabled or the game is allowed to play, follow these steps:

Stop all background applications

Tap the Windows logo key to open the Task Manager and search for applications. Tap the Operations tab. You can see the running applications and background processes. See which ones are using high CPU and memory, select them one by one, then tap “End” to close them.

If you have enough time, they can all be closed. However, it doesn’t matter if you only shut down the ones that have reasonable CPU and memory usage. Open the game you were playing to see if the original problem is fixed or not.

Switch to the beta version of the Origin client

Clear Origin Cache

Perform a Clean Boot

Execute a Clean Boot

You can also prevent third-party software and services from launching at startup so that no programs will conflict with Origin’s overlay functionality.

Step 1. Open the launch window and type msconfig. Then click OK to access your system configuration.

Step 2. On the General tab, select the Selective startup switch. Then turn on “Load System Services” and use the original boot configuration. Uncheck Load autorun items if this option is enabled.

Step 3: Click the Services tab. Then select Hide all Microsoft services, click Disable all, click Apply and OK.

Step 4: A pop-up window will ask you to restart your computer. Make sure you save all your tasks and close all programs, then click Restart.

When your computer starts up, check if Origin overlay is not working in Windows 10. When the problem is resolved, you can turn on the disabled services one by one to determine the problem. Then contact support for solutions.