How to Repair Fortnite Error Code 91

An error code 91 appears from time to time while playing Fortnite. This usually happens when you try to join another player’s group. You will either see the message “The game is currently not responding to join requests. Please try again later” or “Party Services is currently experiencing technical difficulties”.

This error does not seem to care what platform you are using. Players have reported receiving this error on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Error code 91 usually occurs when game servers are experiencing technical difficulties.

There are a few things you can try to get rid of this error. Keep in mind that this problem is usually not your fault, and you may not be able to deal with it yourself.

What causes error code 91 in Fortnite?

  • Problems with the game server

More often than not, Fortnite error codes are caused by a problem that is beyond the player’s control. If you used to be able to play Fortnite, but now you get error code 91, it’s probably a problem with the server. In that case, just wait for the problem to go away on its own.

Server issues such as batch problems are quickly fixed by the developer, so be patient and try playing the game later.

  • Local network problem

For others, Fortnite errors may be caused by an unresponsive LAN device, such as a modem or router. While there is no foolproof way to completely fix electronic device problems, you can reduce the likelihood of errors by regularly rebooting your modem or router.

If you’ve checked the above causes and they don’t seem to be the root of the problem, you need to troubleshoot your local network.

  • Random Game Application Error

Any application can have errors or bugs from time to time. These errors may be temporary and can be resolved by restarting the app, computer/console, or both.

How to solve a Fortnite 91 error code?

Check the files

A corrupted file can also be the cause of a Fortnite 91 error code. Often you will get a direct message indicating which file is missing or corrupt, but not always. Therefore, you may have to be proactive and check that all the files are correct.

This is very easy, at least if you are playing on a PC. Start the Epic Games launcher and go to settings. In the Settings menu, click on “Check.” This tool will tell you if all the files are present or not.

Check/restore your Internet connection

If the error persists even after restarting the game and device, you need to check your Internet connection. The problem may be with your modem or router. Turn off the router and try again.

  1. Unplug the modem or router and wait 60 seconds.
  2. Turn it back on and try playing Fortnite.
  3. For cell phones that use a cellular connection, simply unplug them and then plug them back in before trying again.

Restarting Fortnite

This error is usually due to a bug that can cause connectivity issues. Simply close the game and restart it to see if the error occurs again.

Reboot your device

Another quick solution to the error code 91 problem in Fortnite is to reboot the device you’re playing on.

Reboot your computer, console, or mobile device, and then start Fortnite after the reboot. This usually solves the problem for many players.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Fortnite error code 91 usually appears when a player tries to join another player's party. Sometimes the following message also appears in the game: "The party is not currently responding to requests to join. Please try again later" or "The party service is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

Log out of Fortnite on the device of your choice. Restart the game. Try joining the party again. Yes, this is a tried and true "off and on" trick that can help you bypass this error message.

If you can't join a party with friends because of an error message 91, the underlying cause may be beyond your control, such as a server problem. Sometimes game servers can go down due to technical issues, maintenance, or overload.

  1. Check if your system meets the system requirements to run Fortnite.
  2. Check the game's files.
  3. Run the Epic Games launcher as an administrator.
  4. Update your video card drivers.
  5. Disable background applications.
  6. Fix the redistributable Visual C++ files.
  7. Set compatibility mode.
  8. Use DirectX 11.