The 0xc0000135 error handling exception message occurs when Windows users try to run a game or an application that requires a lot of graphics processing. The error parameters indicate the absence of a distributed Visual C ++ component (dynamic linking library) or a distributed Visual C ++ component.


Although the error is often attributed to BattlEye or a number of other “third-party” packages, the real problem is how a particular game uses a particular VC+ package.

Microsoft sells “distributed” VC+ packages as separate software, so you can install/remove them as needed.

For this reason, they often get corrupted.

The error is usually displayed with the following error messages:

Exception handling message 0xc0000135

The bottom line is that the application you are using is not accessing a certain “DLL” file (dynamic linking library).

These files are used to provide standardized functions in Windows and are used by almost any application you might use on the platform.

Reinstalling the distributed Visual C ++ package for Visual Studio 2012

Users who encountered the 0xc0000135 exception handling message error only resolved this error by installing this file, and their error disappeared automatically. We recommend that you install Visual Studio 2012 on your computer by following the instructions given here:

Perform an SFC scan at the command line

Perform an SFC scan

In this method, we will use the command line to perform a specific scan, called an SFC scan. To eliminate the 0xc0000135 exception handling message error using the sfc / scannow command, see the following instructions:

Perform a new installation / repair

If none of the possible fixes have solved the problem, you’ve probably encountered some type of system file corruption that can’t be fixed by traditional methods. In this case, the only viable solution is to reset any Windows components that may be causing the problem (including the data used to boot).

When you do this, you have two options: