How to Repair Epic Games Launcher Won’t Open on Windows PC

You won’t be able to play Fortnite if you can’t open the Epic Games launcher. Unfortunately, this problem is faced by many gamers, and it is more frustrating than others. After all, you can’t know what the cause of the problem is if the app won’t even launch. Fortunately, there are common causes for this […]

How to Repair the Failed to Open Descriptor File in Ark

Do you like playing Ark on your computer? Have you just bought an Ark, but can’t open it? You might get a “Failed to Open Descriptor File” error that won’t let you run the game. This is one of the most common errors that players encounter. Moreover, this error can occur in any game and […]

Troubleshooting Crashes of Borderlands 3 in PC

Are you a fan of the game Borderlands 3? But due to regular crashes on your Windows PC, it has been frustrating. If yes, then don’t worry, here we have listed some quick solutions to fix Crashes of Borderlands 3 in PC problem with great ease. Our next section is dedicated to a list of […]

Fixing Code Vein Crashes or Freezes in Windows 10

The PC version of Code Vein has had bugs and problems such as Code Vein crashes or freezes. IR Cache has compiled a list of causes, solutions, and workarounds for players experiencing Code Vein crashes or freezes on Windows 10. After reviewing user reports/reports and testing them on our systems, we can identify the following […]