How to Solve the “Error Downloading This Photo From Your iCloud Library” Problem

Using the iCloud Library is useful for many iPhone users because it automatically saves all the photos and videos they have taken to iCloud. This allows users to quickly access their library at any time and from any device. However, some users have turned around 180 degrees after receiving the “Cannot Download Photo” error message. […]

Fix Local Drive (E) that frequently appears full

Is your Windows 10/8/7 computer’s hard drive full for no reason, especially the E-drive? Is your computer running slow? Are you unable to save large files? Calm down! Here are some solutions to get you out of these problems. Read on to find what you need. No doubt almost everyone has encountered the problem of […]

Fixed “Full administrator rights” bug in OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is a file hosting and synchronization service run by Microsoft as part of the web-based Office version. Launched in August 2007, OneDrive allows users to store files and personal data, such as Windows settings or BitLocker recovery keys, in the cloud, share and sync files between Android, Windows Phone, and iOS […]