How to Repair Printer Error 0x00000057 in Windows PC

Error 0x00000057 is a printer-related error in Windows that prevents the user from adding a printer. This error is usually caused by damaged previously installed drivers and authorization issues. Thus, if you try to add a printer, it will be installed but not added due to corrupted files in the DriverStore. What causes printer error […]

Troubleshooting NVIDIA Installer Failed Issue in Windows 10

Some NVIDIA users have reported a problem when trying to update an NVIDIA driver on their computer. The update process does not complete and the “NVIDIA Installer Failed” error message appears. This usually occurs because an older/incompatible driver is installed on the user’s computer. If you encounter the same problem, don’t worry. Just try these […]

Bug fix: Cannot create new storage, Error 0x00000057 – Incorrect Parameter

When you try to manage storage space in Windows 10 and get the following error message again: Could not create new storage space, Error (0x000057), The setting is incorrect`. This article explains the different steps you need to take to diagnose and solve the problem. Over the past few years, Microsoft has released two major […]