How to Get Rid of ‘Ipv4 No Internet Access’ Issue on Windows PC

The internet is one of the most important inventions ever. Not only does it allow us to communicate and share information, but it also allows us to connect our devices. However, many people are having trouble accessing the internet due to problems with their connections. In particular, there are times when a user gets “no […]

How to Troubleshoot “Can’t Save Ip Settings” Issue on Windows 10

Users report an error when they cannot change the IP address or DNS server. They get the following message. The IP settings cannot be saved. Check one or more settings and try again. In this article, we will show you how to register IP settings in Windows PC with a few simple solutions. What causes […]

How to Troubleshoot the “Failed to Obtain IP Address” Error

Those who have encountered the “Failed to get IP address” error on Android is not alone. This problem seems to affect users of all Android phones and all software versions. We’ll explain why you’re getting this annoying error and how to fix it. What causes the “Failed to Obtain IP Address” error The “Failed to […]