Microsoft Photos is a photo editing and video creation application. At first there were a lot of problems with the application. The app was slow to launch, and the GUI wasn’t very good. After the launch of Windows 10, the app was updated several times. Now it is an app with advanced features that many people use for editing and creating.

The app has a feature called “Enhance Photo.” This feature improves the color and lighting of your photos. Several reports indicate that this feature does not work after a Windows update. In this article, we will look at all possible solutions to this problem.

Restore default libraries

As mentioned above, the “Photo Enhancement doesn’t work” feature is a problem caused by a Windows update. Windows Update Center also updates various applications, including photos. In this case, it looks like the Windows Update Center has corrupted the Photo Libraries app. The solution reported by many users is to reset the libraries to their default values. Note that your other settings will be deleted.

Reset the app

How to reset the Photos app in Windows 10:

As you probably know, the Photos app can’t be uninstalled. It’s the successor to Windows Photo Viewer and the main competitor to Google Photos.

On the other hand, you can reset the app to factory settings. It won’t ruin your photos, so don’t worry.

It resets the entire pache and basically updates everything when you run the app for the first time.

Reinstall Windows Photos

To reinstall Windows Photos in Windows 10, follow these steps:

Yes, we said that you can’t delete Windows Photos. However, that doesn’t mean that the application can’t be reinstalled. Of course, this requires a more sophisticated approach than the solution suggested above.

To reinstall Windows Photos (or any embedded application), you need to use PowerShell as shown above.

Install the Windows Media package (Windows 10 N and KN).

As with any version of Windows, different versions of Windows 10 are available for purchase. We’re not just talking about the regular Home and Professional versions. For example, the “N” and “KN” versions of Windows 10, the special versions of Windows for Europe and Korea.

The main difference between these versions and other versions of Windows is that they do not include Windows Media Player, Groove Music and other multimedia applications, and the libraries needed to play these multimedia files. This can strangely affect the Photos app, since it also depends on media libraries.

You can check your version of Windows 10 by clicking Start, typing “About,” and selecting “About Your Computer.” In the new window, scroll down and see what it says next to “Operating System Build.” If it says “N” or “KN” next to your operating system, download the Windows 10 Media Feature Pack to restore the Photos app.