This article shows you how to fix error 0x8024500C, which can occur after a Windows update or when you update Windows Store apps. This error indicates that the Windows Update Center service has probably been blocked.

Check the status of all Windows Update Center services

You need to check if all the services that support the Windows Update Center are working or not.

The main services supported by the Windows Update Center are:

To do this, first search for services in the Cortana search box.

Select the appropriate result.

Now, for all of the above services, make sure that the status is set to “Running”.

If you don’t see “Running”, right-click the entry and select Start.

Run the Windows Update Center Troubleshooter.

You can also run the Windows Update Center Troubleshooter, as it can also be helpful in fixing the Windows Update Center error 0x8024500C. To run it, go to Settings and select Troubleshooting from the options. From there, click Windows Update Center, and then click the “Run Troubleshooter” button. After that, follow the instructions on the next screen and you’ll be fine.

Disable the proxy server

DISM Failed - Disable the Proxy on Your PC

Note. If you use a third-party proxy service, it must be disabled.

Clear the Windows Store cache

Verify that the date and time are set correctly

If the date and time settings are not correct, you may find that the Windows Store does not work. If so, you’ll need to set the date and time so that it syncs with your web time and your time zone is set automatically.

Reinstalling the Windows Store may solve the problem

So, this article presents different situations with Windows error 0x8024500c and shows different solutions based on different error situations. If you have the best solution to fix Windows error code 0x8024500c, you can share it in the comment box.