How to Troubleshoot Hulu Error Code P-EDU125 – ‘This Isn’t Included in your Current Subscription’

If Hulu is working properly, you can stream as many movies and shows as you want. However, when it stops working, you will encounter various error messages that can be annoying. A common problem that many people encounter is playback dissatisfaction.

Playback dissatisfaction occurs on all devices, including networked TVs, Xbox, and PlayStation. From time to time a problem can occur and an error code can help.

An error code can be helpful because with it, fixing the problem becomes less complicated. As of late, people are switching to a screw to code P-EDU125 on Hulu.

What causes the P-EDU125 error code on Hulu?

  • This error occurs when there are problems with Hulu subscriptions or payment options.
  • Users have encountered this problem due to outdated payment plans or recently purchased subscriptions.
  • The error code P-EDU125 mainly affects the iOS system, and it is mainly iPhone, Ipad, and Apple TV users who encounter this application glitch.

How to resolve the Hulu P-EDU125 error code?

Cancel your Hulu subscription and reconnect to Hulu through a third-party service

  1. Launch a web browser and go to your account page on the Hulu website.
  2. Log in with your Hulu credentials and click “Cancel” before “Unsubscribe” (you may have to scroll down the page a bit to find this option).
  3. Then log out of your Hulu account and open the Google Play Store (or iTunes).
  4. Now use this service to log into Hulu again (preferably with a different Hulu subscription) and hopefully your P Edu125 problem will be solved.
  5. If you already have a subscription through another service, see if you can solve the problem by unsubscribing and logging in directly through Hulu.

Signing out of your Hulu account on all devices

  1. Launch the Hulu app and tap your user icon.
  2. Then select Exit and close the app.
  3. Then sign out of all devices from which you have logged in to Hulu.
  4. Now launch your browser and go to the Hulu website.
  5. Now log in with your login information and click on the user icon (in the top right corner of the window).
  6. Then open your account and click on Manage Devices (under Your Account).
  7. Now click the Delete button next to each device and make sure that Hulu has removed the error code P Edu125.

Frequently Asked Questions

Problems with Hulu are usually caused by a bad Internet connection or problems with your streaming device or the Hulu app, so most problems can be solved with general troubleshooting tips. Update the Hulu app or try reinstalling it. Make sure your streaming device is also fully updated.

  1. This error occurs when there are problems with Hulu subscriptions or payment options.
  2. Users have encountered this problem due to an outdated payment plan or a recently purchased subscription.
  3. The error code p-EDU125 is mainly related to the iOS system, and mostly iPhone, Ipad, and Apple TV users face this application glitch.

You may be getting a Hulu P-EDU125 error code when streaming Hulu content due to a temporary glitch in the Hulu servers, and disabling Hulu on all devices may solve the problem. Then disconnect from all devices used to connect to Hulu.