How to Troubleshoot Error E05 in Windows 10 Canon Printers

Canon is known for putting everything together around a globally capable and quality printer. In any case, in general, these printers have a few bugs, for what it’s worth. This is not a cause for concern, either way, the error should be fixed quickly, and you should be able to use the printer without any problems.

One such error is the Canon E05 printer error. Printers are supposed to provide the best print quality, but these errors can be very confusing. The E05 error is quite normal to solve problems with your Canon printer. However, before you can figure out how to fix this error, you need to understand what the error is, and really at that point you can find out how to fix this error code

What causes error E05 on Canon printers?

  • The ink cartridge is not installed correctly.
  • Compatibility problem with the ink cartridge installed in the printer.
  • The cartridge is loose in its holder or when the cartridge needs to be replaced.
  • The printer has not been used for an extended period of time, the ink has dried up and blocked the cartridge port.

How do I fix error E05 on Canon printers?

Reinstall and remove the clogged ink cartridge

  1. First, you need to remove the cover of your Canon printer.
  2. Turn off the printer using the power switch.
  3. You will see that the ink cartridge is installed.
  4. Press the latch on the side of the ink cartridge holder twice and remove the ink cartridge.
  5. Clean the ink cartridge with a soft, clean cloth and gently wipe off the “gold metal stripe” on the front of the cartridges.
  6. Then replace the ink cartridges.
  7. Restart the Canon printer.

Restore your Canon printer to factory settings

  1. Start the printer to return it to its factory settings.
  2. Now open the menu bar option.
  3. Navigate through the settings menu using the directional arrow.
  4. Navigate to Device Settings and press OK.
  5. Now select the Reset option and press OK to begin a factory reset.

Turn off your Canon printer

  1. Press the power button for 5-6 seconds to restart the Canon printer.
  2. Now restart your Canon printer and it is ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

E05 error in Canon printers occurs due to a compatibility problem with the ink cartridge installed in your printer. This E05 error also occurs if the ink cartridge is not installed or not inserted correctly.

Press and hold the Stop/Cancel or Reset button for about 10-15 seconds. If this does not clear the error, then the cartridges are empty. Open the printer cover and make sure the print head is properly installed.

Clean the cartridges with a paper towel and reinsert the ink cartridge in its holder. If the error persists, you must replace the ink cartridge.