Microsoft Office error 0x426-0x0 is an error code that appears when one of the programs in the Office suite fails to start. This error is common in Outlook, but can affect other Office applications as well. Error 0x426-0x0 usually occurs when users try to launch Outlook, Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

It usually takes time to fix this error because the built-in Office recovery feature often doesn’t complete the fixing process.

So if you can’t always rely on the recovery feature, let’s see what else you can do to get rid of the 0x426-0x0 error.

Set Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Service to Automatic

If the Microsoft Office push-and-run service is disabled, you won’t be able to launch Office applications. Therefore, you need to set the automatic startup type using Windows services. So:

Now launch the Office application. It should be running.

End all Microsoft Office processes by clicking and running (SxS) using the Task Manager

Some older Office-related processes may be running in the background. Such processes can cause problems when installing new versions or updates of Microsoft Office. You can do this by using the Task Manager window and closing these processes.

You can now try to install or update Microsoft Office.

Repair Office

Since incorrect installation files are one of the causes of the problem, you can fix them to fix the error. For many users, this has been an effective solution.

There are two ways to fix Microsoft Office. You can go through the Control Panel or the Settings app. If your Office installation is based on clicking the Start button, using the Applications and Features section in the Settings app is the right approach.

Repair of Word office installation - Step 3 to 4

The following steps will walk you through the process of restoring Office using Settings.

Note that you can use these steps to restore the entire Office suite, not just the program that caused the error.

If your Microsoft Office is MSI-based, you will see a “Change installation” dialog box instead. If so, click “Restore.”

Once the process is complete, reboot your system and see if the error persists.
To use the control panel, do the following:

We hope that error 0x426-0x0 is now historical and that you can use your Office 365 applications without issue.