The Mail app in Windows 10 is one of the most remarkable apps in Windows 10 today. It contains several interesting features that are used to provide a great user experience.

Many Windows 10 users use this app to send, receive and organize email. While the Windows Mail app is excellent, it is no exception and has several issues.

Among the reported issues and bugs, error 0x8019019a of the Windows 10 Mail app is one such annoying problem that has angered many Windows users. Users get this error when they try to add a Yahoo account to the Mail app, but cannot do so because of the 0x8019019A error.

This error occurs mostly after a Windows update or password change, but sometimes when setting up a Yahoo account in the Mail app as well.

What causes error code 0x8019019a?

According to some users, the problem occurs when installing a Windows update or changing a password. One user reported that the problem occurred in a fascinating scenario because he forgot to update his password before it expired.

Some had the problem even when trying to log in to the app for the first time. In addition, other possible factors should not be ruled out:

How to troubleshoot error code 0x8019019a?

Delete Yahoo account and add it again

Error 0x8019019a may be caused by a fault in the system’s communication modules. You can fix this malfunction by deleting the Yahoo account from the Mail app and then adding it back in.

  1. In the Mail app, click on “Accounts” which appears on the left side of the window.
  2. Now click on your Yahoo account and select the “Delete account from this device” option.
  3. Now confirm the deletion of your Yahoo account and close the Mail app.
  4. Reboot the system.
  5. After restarting, add the Yahoo account to the Mail app again and check if the account problem persists.

Generating the app password

Due to security issues, Yahoo has implemented several security features for its accounts, including app-specific password generation. This feature is sometimes useful for fixing error 0x8019019a.

  1. Delete your Yahoo account by following the steps in the first stated solution.
  2. Then open a web browser.
  3. Go to the Yahoo Mail page and log in to your account.
  4. Go to your profile in the upper right corner and click “Account Information.”
  5. Now click on “Account Security.”
  6. At the bottom of the page, click on the “Generate App Password” option.
  7. Select “Other apps” from the drop-down menu.
  8. Now click on “Generate” to create an automatically generated 16-digit password.
  9. Copy the generated app password
  10. Now launch the Windows 10 Mail app.
  11. Click on “Accounts” and select “Add Accounts.”
  12. Now select “Yahoo.”
  13. Enter your email details and in the password field, paste the copied generated app password and click “Next”.
  14. Make sure that the Yahoo Mail account is successfully added.

Updating Windows and the Mail app

You can’t add a Yahoo account to the Mail app if the Windows 10 Mail app or the Windows operating system on your system is outdated. In fact, if your system is not updated to the latest version, you may encounter incompatibility issues. So, updating Windows and the Mail app to the latest version can solve the problem.

  1. Go to “Settings”, click on “Update and Security” and check for the latest updates.
  2. Make sure that no optional updates are missing either.
  3. After updating your system, press the Windows key and search for “Mail”.
  4. In the results, find “Mail”, right-click on it, and select “Share”.
  5. It will now open the “Microsoft Store” with the “Mail app” page. Here you can check if an update is available for the app.
  6. If updates are available, click on the “Update” button.
  7. After installing the updates, restart your system.
  8. After restarting, try adding a Yahoo account using the Mail app and see if the problem is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Error code 0X8019019A is displayed when a user cannot add their Yahoo account to the Mail app due to outdated or incorrect Mail app installation. Also check that you can access your email through a web browser using the same credentials as in the Mail app.

The first solution you should try is to delete your account from the Mail app. Then go to your favorite browser and come up with a password for the app. Then manage your accounts. If that doesn't work, try installing a future Windows update or updating the Mail app itself.

If that didn't work, go to your Windows 10 mail settings (the gear icon at the bottom of your inbox) and select Manage Accounts -> Yahoo Account -> Delete Account, reboot your computer, and then add the account again. I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask any other questions and let us know how it went. I will continue to work with you until the problem is resolved.

  1. Open Windows 10 Mail and select Add Account.
  2. Select Yahoo! from the list.
  3. Enter your full email address and select Next.
  4. Enter the password for your email address and select Sign in.
  5. Yahoo will ask you if Windows Mail is allowed to access your mailbox.