How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x8007043c

Several Windows users have contacted us with questions after encountering the 0xc0000906 application error when trying to open various third-party applications. Some users report that most of the apps they try to open produce this error code, while others say that only some games do. The problem actually occurs on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

We investigated this problem by reviewing various user reports and testing the most popular fix strategies affected by users successfully implemented to fix error code 0xc0000906. It turns out that there are several possible culprits that can cause this error code.

Run DISM and SFC scans

Perform an SFC scan

It turns out that in the vast majority of cases, this error is due to corrupted system files. The 0xc0000906 application error usually refers to instances of some previous system change, such as: B. updating the operating system.

If this scenario applies, the most effective way to do it is to run a DISM and SFC scan to fix application error 0xc0000906.

Step 1: Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box, type cmd, and then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open the command prompt with extended CMD.

Step 2: Enter the following commands and press Enter to start each DISM scan:

Dism.exe / online / clean-image / scanhealth

Dism.exe / online / clean-up-image / restorehealth

Step 3: Wait for the DISM scan to complete and restart your computer.

Step 4: Open the command prompt again as administrator. Type sfc / scannow in the window and press Enter to start the SFC scan.

Step 5: Reboot your computer and see if the application error 0xc0000906 disappears the next time you start your system.

If you are still experiencing the same 0xc0000906 application error, try the method described below.

Disable third-party antivirus software

Temporarily disable your antivirus software

One of the most common confirmed solutions for error 0xc0000906 is to disable or remove third-party antivirus software such as Avast.

Some antivirus software may block or delete modified files of the software where the error occurred without notifying you.

To disable a third-party antivirus program, right-click its icon in the taskbar to open the context menu for it. Most antivirus programs include a disable option that allows you to disable utilities for a certain period of time.

Turn off the antivirus for about an hour, then restart the software. If this solves the problem, add the software that detected the error to the antivirus utility’s exclusion list.

Reinstall the software

If error 0xc0000906 primarily affects one of your programs, reinstall that software. To do this, type appwiz in the “Open” field of the Run window. and press Enter.

  • Then select the software you want to uninstall and click the “Uninstall” button.
  • After uninstalling the software, restart Windows.
  • Reinstall the software to the latest version.

The above solutions will fix error 0xc0000906 for most users. If these solutions do not fix error 0xc0000906, you may need to perform a repair installation of Windows or rebuild the platform.

Perform a system restore

If you have recently encountered this problem, it is possible that the problem is due to a recent change to the system. As some affected users have confirmed, third-party services or services may be responsible for causing this problem.

  • Press Windows Key + R to open the “Run” dialog box. Then type “rstrui” in the text box and press Enter to open the System Restore menu.
  • When you get to the first System Restore screen, click “Next” to go to the next menu.
  • On the next screen, first check the box next to Show more restore points. Once you have completed this step, compare the data for each saved recovery point and select the one that was created before error 0xc0000906 occurred. After selecting the correct recovery point, click “Next” to proceed to the last menu.
  • At this point, the utility is ready to use. All you need to do is start the recovery process by clicking “Done”.
  • Once you do this, your computer will reboot and the previous status will be indicated. Once the process is complete, try restarting your applications and see if the 0xc0000906 error is resolved.