NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a powerful program that is usually pre-installed on Windows PCs with an NVIDIA graphics card. This application optimizes games and updates your graphics drivers.
GeForce Experience also has some interesting features that let you stream and record your games, share clips online, and play filtered games. However, GeForce Experience can give you headaches if you get errors or stop working.

For example, a Microsoft Visual C ++ runtime error can occur when you check for updates to your NVIDIA graphics card. If you are currently experiencing this problem, I will present you with fixes to fix the bug permanently.

I recommend that you apply these fixes in the order listed. If you don’t know how to perform the above operations, keep reading this article for complete instructions.

Reboot your computer.

While this may seem like an obvious solution, in most cases all that is required is a simple restart. Before proceeding with the more complicated fixes, we recommend restarting your computer. Once it has started, run the GeForce Experience application and see if the C ++ runtime error is fixed or not. If it still exists, you can try other workarounds.

Run the GeForce Experience as an administrator

If the application does not have the necessary set of permissions, it may not work correctly in a restrictive environment. Therefore, it is recommended that you always run the application with elevated privileges. First launch the Task Manager (using the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combination).

Then close all background GeForce Experience applications/processes. When you’re done, navigate to the GeForce Experience executable, right-click it and select Properties. Then select Run as administrator and you’re done. Check if the GeForce Experience C ++ runtime error is fixed.

Update the NVIDIA features manually

Now, if you do get a GeForce Experience C ++ runtime error, you can indicate that the automatic update is not working. Fortunately, you can update NVIDIA Experience manually. That way, you don’t have to rely on an app to download the master files.

To manually update NVIDIA Experience, specify your web browser and go to the NVIDIA driver download page. Select your product type, product line, and product here.

Select your platform, select Game Dropy Driver (GRD) from the Download Type drop-down menu and click “Search”. Finally, click the “Download” button on the next page to start the cycle.

Once the download is successful, double-tap the file and click Yes to agree to open it as an administrator. Once this cycle is complete, restart your computer.

Reinstalling Nvidia Experience

If none of the above methods helped you, the last thing you should try is to uninstall Nvidia Experience along with each Nvidia component and its associated dependencies before performing a full reinstallation. This process eliminates most of the inconsistencies that can cause a C ++ runtime error with Nvidia Experience.

If you don’t know how to do this, follow the instructions below to reinstall all the Nvidia components involved and eliminate the error message: