We know what to do and what not to do when a popup window with security error 0x00759B appears on your screen. Instructions on how to remove this notification in your web browser are given at the end of this article. But first, let’s explain what it is and why it appears.

First of all, you should NOT call professional technicians, or at least the ones whose number is listed in the 0x00759B security error pop-up warnings. Indeed, this post is another tech support scam used by suspicious parties who may have bad intentions. For example, they try to distribute dangerous programs, collect personal information about you, encourage people to sign up for unnecessary services or buy fake products. In addition, the phone number listed in a fake Microsoft support message may indicate a premium service out of the country or just a high fee, which can significantly increase your mobile account.

Security error 0x00759B The Help Desk scam is not dangerous if you close its contents and call a specific number (877 565 5587). However, it indicates that your computer is very vulnerable and may be infected with malware. In most cases, this message appears right after the PC owner installs a third-party application and agrees to install its attachments. These free attachments are usually plug-ins, extensions and ad-supported add-ons, which when added to the system and web browsers show pop-ups with Security Error 0x00759B.

In addition, Security Error 0x00759B virus can also be caused by a compromised website or opening infected email attachments. Either way, it means that malicious activity is occurring on your computer. To stop this scary error message from appearing, you need to remove the malware or block the malicious websites.

Reset your browser to its default settings

Google Chrome has an option that resets your browser settings to defaults. Resetting your browser settings will reset unwanted changes caused by installing other programs. However, your saved bookmarks and passwords will not be deleted or changed.

Run a full scan with Windows security

If security error 0x00759B occurs due to malware infection caused by browser hijacking, you can try running a full scan using Windows built-in tool – Windows Security. Usually, third-party security suites do not detect this malware infection because these third-party security scanners do not check .htm files.

Thus, you can run a full scan with Windows Security to check the .htm file. Usually, you can automatically remove security error 0x00759B this way.

Here is a quick guide on how to run Windows Security to remove this adware infection.

Step 1: Press Win + R to open the Run dialog box. Then type ms-settings: windowsdefender and press Enter to open the Windows Security tab in the Settings app.

Step 2: Click the “Open Windows Security” button to open the integrated security solution.

Step 3: Click on the right side of Virus and Threat Protection.

Step 4: In the Current Threats section, click Scan Options. Then check the “Full scan” checkbox and click “Scan now”.

Step 5: Once the process is complete, follow the instructions to remove any quarantined items responsible for the infection.

Step 6: Restart your computer.

Now check if the “Security Error 0x00759B” pop-up window is removed the next time you boot your system.

Run the Microsoft security scanner

If the first method fails to identify and remove the virus infection, or if you are looking for an alternative, you should also consider running the Microsoft security scanner in safe mode. This process ensures that you are using the most powerful virus removal tool developed by Microsoft, without worrying about third-party interference that could affect this process.

Here is a quick guide on how to run Microsoft Security Scanner in safe mode: