Several Windows 10 users contacted us with questions after they were unable to download apps and games from the Microsoft Store. The error code is 0xc03f300d. Most of the affected users claim that they cannot access their purchases after they have already purchased the list or the app/game is completely free. The problem seems to be specific to Windows 10 only.

We investigated this particular issue by reviewing various user reports and testing various recovery strategies that affected users successfully used to sort out the problem. It turns out that different scenarios can create this problem.

Run the Windows Store App Troubleshooter

To quickly and automatically restore apps (or the Store) in Windows 10 using the Troubleshooter, follow these steps:

Regardless of the result, you can always click the “View Details” link to see a report of all the issues that the fix tried to resolve, including security settings, missing or corrupted files, and issues. BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) , Windows Store Cache, and more.

Repair the Windows Store component

Another potential scenario that is known to cause error 0xc03f300d is temporary files that affect your PC’s ability to establish connections between its UWP embedded storage and Microsoft servers. In the vast majority of cases, this problem is caused by some temporary files that are stored in the cache folder.

This type of problem most likely occurs after certain items have been quarantined by a security scanner or after an unexpected computer crash. Another very popular cause of this type of problem is two updates.

If this scenario applies, you can solve the problem by resetting the entire Windows Store cache. In Windows 10, you can do this in two different ways.

The first option is easier, but requires running a command in the CMD terminal with elevated privileges. If you want an exclusive GUI approach, consider the second approach, which you can only work with through the Windows settings menu.

Clear and reset the memory cache in Windows 10

XBOX - Reset the Windows Store Cache of your PC - Step 1 to 3

How to clear and reset the Windows Store cache in Windows 10:

Step 1. Close the Windows Store app if it is running.

Step 2. Enter WSReset (Reset Windows Store) in the Start menu search box to display Wsreset in the search results.

Step 3. Right-click WSReset and select Run as administrator. Click Yes when the user account confirmation window appears.

NOTE. If the WSReset utility does not appear in the search results, you can run it from the System32 (Windows \System32) folder. To open the WSReset tool from the System32 folder, go to the drive where Windows 10 is installed (usually “C”), open the Windows folder and open the System32 folder. Here you will find the file WSReset.exe. Right-click it, then select Run as administrator.

Step 4: The Store application should now start automatically from the command line. The command line window will automatically close after a few seconds.

That’s it! You have cleared and reset the Windows Store cache in Windows 10. Open the store app and try to install some store apps. Now you can download and install apps without any problems.